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Your Conservative response to the Green Shift…

…basically more or less boils down to Harper making the claim that Dion is lying to Canadians about the details of this plan. Of all the things one can say about Dion, even his opponents have said he was a man of integrity. To pull this line of attack out as a means of trying to discredit the Green Shift is simply in my view a dead-ender for the Cons., but I invite them to try and keep using that attack line if they wish, because all it does is expose the fact that the Conservatives simply have no credible plan of their own to counter with, so they’re reduced to smears and “the sky will fall!” fear-mongering, using an oil-spill as their mascot. I don’t think Canadians will buy it.

As you might guess, plenty of comment on the progressive/Liberal blogosphere today about the Green Shift, as well as the media. Too many to list here, but I was interested in reading this blogpiece by Graheme over at his blog, because while he’s a progressive blogger, he isn’t a Liberal supporter, and he’s pretty non-partisan. He gives the Green Shift a fair assessment and believes overall despite the fact he has some reservations, its a good plan.

To make up your own mind, go to The website. You should also read the policy explanation here

As it says over at the website, The time has come to do what is right – not what is easy – for our environment and for our future.


8 comments to Your Conservative response to the Green Shift…

  • killert

    Seriously kwittet, you need to read a bit more… You WILL get more of a tax return – actually you’ll bring home more money all year since your income tax will go down. You MAY have to spend some more money on things that have a carbon tax on them – but you have the choice, and can save that money by buying something environmentally sound.

    As for lowering the % of the lowest tax bracket – that family has more money now, and now they can buy more stuff – stuff that you produce in your business. So now, you get more money – and have a coice where you spend it – spend wisely and save – and less wealthy people have more money that can come to you through your business…. Instead of whining, put yourself in the shoes of someone in that tax bracket, think a bit outside the box, and look at the big picture – I’m sorry to say it, but it’s not just about you and your money.

  • ribbon

    Another ignorant asshole. How’s that working out for you kwittet?, you fuckin redneck moron.

    If you’d bothered to read the plan, and were smart enough to understand how to do your own taxes, you’d realize that @ $62,000/year you stand to receive $896 more back from the federal government than you would without this plan.

    That figure only gets larger the more money you make.

    I can’t stand fucking idiots like kwittet.

    For the rest of you (who are smart enough to use basic arithmetic), the plan states a reduction from 15 to 13% for the lowest tax bracket (the first ~$37,000 of your income) and from 22 to 21% for the next $37,179 of your income that you earn (based on 2007 tax year published here:

    Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest the raving idiot kwittet was heard screaming,

    “No! Please don’t GIVE me money! Please! Anything to get ass-raped by Conservative governments who don’t give a shit about the quality of water that I drink or the air that I breath! I love ass-rapings! I’m the smartest guy alive!”

  • kwittet

    so let me see…i make over the 62000 that moron is talking my taxes go up on everything and some lolife loser who earns fuck all gets my call this fair..this guy (dion) is a total fucking goof..the more i read about this and i did go to that waste of space website..its a tax on the rich to give to the poor

  • Indeed…wilson was spewing that some line over at Red Tory’s place.

    That being said, there is also STeve Janke trying to figure out basic math….(2% cut in GST == 26% tax cut…what?)

    Now, I haven’t read it so I won’t comment on the details. I also don’t like Dion, as I see him as a milquetoast with no spine when it comes to important issues (C-10, C-484). And, as a libertarian, I’d rather pay no tax at all.

    But I will give Dion credit where credit is due, he is presenting a plan, a vision and a policy. He has put it out there for debate. He seems to be trying to do something. Compared to the Conservative, who seem only capable of name calling and baldfaced lying.

  • Well I don’t get my talking points from con party headquarters but that was my first thought too, Joseph. This was after all, supposed to be a plan to reduce ghg emissions. So why are there no estimates on how much of a reduction we’ll be paying for.

  • Joseph

    Apparently the new talking points from con party headquarters have been issued . . .

  • Observant

    Dion has provided absolutely no specific GHG reduction targets in his Green Shift plan … so why does Canada need a Carbon Tax ..???

    What is Dion’s Hidden Agenda ….???!!!

  • Whooee! I couldn’t get the calculator to work over at Maybe you could talk to yer LPC techie contacts on that, Scottie. 😉

    I’ll still be votin’ Green but I wanna congratulate my Liberal friends today on the big move your leader made. He’s makin’ the Cons look ineffectual and petty. Hmmm… they ARE ineffectual and petty so I better not give too much credit to Dion.

    I’d like to see the Grits publish some tables of examples like the Greens did yesterday in this document:

    It’s not really that complicated like some are trying to say (Kinsella, for one.) The first couple paragraphs at the new site lay it out quite nicely. If people can get a better idea of how it will affect them, personally, it can be sold.


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