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Green Party trying to play political cover for Liberals Green Shift?

Now this is very interesting indeed:

The Green party, meanwhile, will leap out ahead of the Liberal announcement today with a detailed accounting of its carbon-tax proposal. With its more sweeping taxes and savings, the Green plan may help pave the way to making the Liberal plan look more modest and practical, though Green Leader Elizabeth May, already in an informal co-operation pact with Dion, says that’s not the motivation.

Liz May will certainly say that isn’t her motivation, but remember, she and the Greens are on record as saying they don’t mind other political parties “borrowing” their ideas, because in their view, that benefits everyone in the long run.

The key differences between the Greens’ plan and the Liberals’ plan is listed in the link provided above – it makes for some interesting reading. Releasing the Green Party’s carbon-tax plan and giving it some some publicity ahead of the Liberal announcement might be a pretty shrewd move on the Greens’ part to allow the Liberals to say, “See, the Greens are advocating an even tougher carbon tax then we are (ie. direct tax increases at the gas pump), but we’re trying to be more moderate in our approach”.

I believe May might be a key player in this upcoming debate – she and her Green party has credibility amongst the Canadian population on the environmental issue, and I don’t doubt you will hear her and her surrogates repeating over and over again lines like this when the Liberals plan gets announced with its details:

May said yesterday she wonders why the carbon tax idea is always discussed against the backdrop of rising gas prices, as though that’s the only thing Canadians worry about.They also have concerns about climate change, she said.

We’re going to find out if that is true, as recent polls have suggested, and if they will support the Liberals plan, as recent polls indicate they will. The Greens may not think the plan goes far enough, but they will publicly support it, I don’t doubt, and that will help with selling this to the Canadian public.


3 comments to Green Party trying to play political cover for Liberals Green Shift?

  • The Green Party plan is released. I’ve got details and links at my little boog.

  • Whooee! I wrote up a boog story quotin’ this selfsame TO Star piece today.

    I also wrote up a boog story on how Dion’s wooing Green Party supporters. Two boogs in one day and I maybe ain’t finished yet.

    Now that Dion is describing the LPC as neither right nor left (see Cherniak)and he’s going to use the GPC slogan “Shift Happens”, it is patently obvious that he is setting his sights on soft GPC support. He was even quoted (during the by-elections ?) that if you want a “real green party, vote red.”

    While we treehuggers like it when someone steals our policies, we are a little less happy when blatant moves are made to target our supporters. The GPC is enjoying record levels of support. Most polls put us in the double-digits. “Enjoying” support is an apt description. We don’t enjoy it as much when it gets targetted for siphoning off.

    I’m not sure why Lizzie chose today to release details. It does relate to Dion’s upcoming release but I don’t think that it’s designed to soften Dion’s blow. More to shore up GPC support and establish the GPC as the real green party with a long held policy of carbon tax and tax shifting.

    I don’t blame Dion and the Grits for settin’ their sights on GPC support. Just don’t expect us to hand over our hard won supporters without a fight.

    I reckon it cuts both ways. Voters are genuinely concerned about ol’ Mother Earth. If they’re concerned enough to accept a carbon tax, they’ll maybe take a look at the rest of the GPC policies. After all, if the policies, talking points and slogans are worth stealing, voters may just decide to get the whole package from the source.


  • Might be worried about Dion poaching Green votes if they don’t talk up their own plan as well.

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