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Your Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook membership update.

Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star was blogging a few days ago that she’d be interested to see how the grassroots reacted to the Conservatives new Copyright reform legislation, and she did a mention of how the Fair Copyright For Canada Facebook group had amassed large numbers of members, merely on rumours of the proposed legislation.

I think it’s safe to say it’s going over like a lead balloon. The group is now up to close to 57 000 members as of this blogposting.  Another 6000 new members since my blogpost about it yesterday,  for a grand total of 9000 new members joining over the weekend.. and 16 000 new members since Bill C-61 was unveiled by Jim Prentice and the Conservatives.

Unbelievable. I know some political parties that would be in heaven to get new members at that rate.

The sleeper issue of the upcoming election campaign is taking root.  The Conservatives ignore this grassroots movement and its demand for Fair Copyright laws at their electoral peril.

[email protected]:54pm – Now up to 59 042 members as of this update. More then 2000 members in a single day. WOW!

LAST UPDATE, Monday, June 16/2008 @ 10:45 am: The group has now gone over 60 000 members.


2 comments to Your Fair Copyright for Canada Facebook membership update.

  • For once we agree on something, Scott. This proposed legislation is an unmitigated disaster. But if we take Geist’s piece today and extrapolate it, the Conservatives will be able to say to Georgie, “well, we did try, you know. Now, on to something that is reasonable”.

    Even I would not vote for the CPC next time if anything like this turkey becomes law. You WILL ask Dipstick Dion to rally with the Bloc and the NDP to defeat this sucker, won’t you, and spare me the ignominity of not voting CPC?

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  • Being the WWW, I’m sure there are other that just Canadian members joining (can probably see the networks on the left side..?), yet still, it’s going to be over 100,000 people before long. Prentice is DONE.

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