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Late Night/Early Morning Open Thread

What would be a good synonym for Pierre Poilievre?

Probably this:

Feel free to leave other synonyms, or anything else on your mind.

PS – RIP Tim Russert. I didn’t watch his show all that often, but I was aware of his importance on the American political reporting scene. I was surprised to hear the news of his sudden passing.


2 comments to Late Night/Early Morning Open Thread

  • kevin

    isnt idiot french for liberal???

  • anon

    Who’s the idiot(s)? Poilievre for reassuring the Reform base that the Harper ‘apology’ does not mean that his Party has abandoned their policy of ‘hard work and independence’ for those who find themselves at a disadvantage through no fault of their own? Or the rest of us for believing that Harper was ‘furious’ with Pierre for his well-timed affirmation of a fundamental Reform principle.

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