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Can Pierre Poilievre, Part 2

Apparently, Pierre was even feeling heat from some of his own Conservative colleagues for his stupid remarks yesterday:

CTV parliamentary correspondent Roger Smith said many Conservatives are also angry at Poilievre. “Certainly the content of what he said is very debatable, his timing was not very good at all,” said Smith.

I have no doubt whether or not Pierre was speaking on his own and inadvertently let slip out what the Conservatives REALLY think of the First Nations peoples (note that he said in his comments yesterday that ‘some of us are starting to ask are we really getting value for all of this money and is more money really going to solve the problem?’. Who was he referring to there, as Liberal Anita Neville rightly wondered.), or else he just went off message on his Cons. talking points, the Prime Minister’s Office probably wasn’t very happy with him spoiling their apology yesterday and making them look rather insincere.

I also have no doubt that led to a stern talking-to and was why Pierre rose today and made a Member’s Statement where he apologized for his remarks. I don’t have the context of what he said yet; I’ll be taking a look at Hansard or seeing if others have found it.

That isn’t enough for the Liberals, who are demanding Pierre be removed/fired from his Parliamentary Secretary position for the “intolerant remarks”, and insults toward the residential school survivors. Rightfully so. Harper however will probably claim that the apology is all that is warranted, which is his SOP when one of his MP’s or Cabinet ministers gets into hot water.

[email protected]:15pm: How predictable of Harper:

“The opposition called on Harper to dismiss the parliamentary secretary to the Treasury Board president, saying the comments were shocking and offensive on a historic day meant to engender a more respectful relationship between aboriginal Canadians and the government. Harper rejected the call, but said the remarks were wrong. “As all members of the House know, the parliamentary secretary has apologized for remarks that were wrong. I know that he has also forthwith contacted national aboriginal associations to indicate that,” Harper said.

(H/T Cam, who is now saying that he regrets giving Harper the benefit of the doubt yesterday in being sincere with his apology)


17 comments to Can Pierre Poilievre, Part 2

  • @Mike

    He can post them elsewhere. I’ll leave his screeds up, but he’s been banned from this site.

  • Observant

    There was a grain of truth in what Poilievre said … i.e. that which must not be said.

  • Celeste

    Gravy train, alright. Gravy made out of their own blood.

    I agree. Leave Colin’s ignorant hate-filled comments where they are. There are some who don’t believe these attitudes are still around. They need to see this, and that there are people in positions of power, like Mr. Poilievre (or “Polliver” for he who can’t stomach the notion of bearing a Franco name) who perpetuate such bigotry and willful ignorance.

  • “And that is the gravy train for natives has to stop”

    Yeah, guys like Niel Stonechild and the people of Kasetchewan are just living high off the hog. Why its a veritable paradise on the rez!

    Colin: racist, ignorant tool.

    Please, Colin, please, keep posting in favour of Pierre and the Conservatibve Party. Please.

  • Whooee! Stephen K is right as rain. I wouldn’t ban the racist Colin, though. Let his small-minded ignorance stand for the world to see. Someday, he may even become enlightened enough to be embarrassed by his bigotry. It’s actually very sad that some people can’t even grasp the carefully crafted message in Harper’s apology.


  • No. Those kinds of racist comments are inexcusable within any context. I don’t care what ideological perspective you come from, there’s no excuse for them.

  • No leave it up. It is a reminder of just how bad policy helps foster poisonous social relations. Imagine how absurd it would be if the government happened to, oh , legally define what it means Chinese, create a department of Chinese affairs, create Chinese rights, reserve land for Chinese so defined and exempt Chinese living on reserve land from paying taxes. No one would doubt that is a recipe for disastrous social relations. So, why would anyone doubt the same about Native Affairs, native rights and native reserves? As I said before, abolish the reserve system and native rights and comments about “drunken Indians” will become as rare and archaic sounding as “drunken” whatever, Irish, Russian.

  • Slg, I agree.. I’ve seen enough. I’m going to leave Colin’s comments up however, so people can see why I did so.

  • anon

    Why does almost everyone assume that Poilievre was ‘disciplined’ for his performance?

    Of all of Harper’s ‘hit-men’ he strikes many people as anything but dumb or disloyal.

    My suspicions about Harper’s motives with the apology were confirmed by Poilievre’s comments – the apology was an empty gesture, and Poilievre was the point-man to get that message out to their red-neck constituents.

  • slg

    Colin is a bigot and thinks all Canadians think like him – sad isn’t it.

    Colin – thank God you don’t speak for all Canadians.

  • I think a ban on this racist would be justified.

  • Colin

    In TB? Then you are either blind or lying. And there isnt a problem with drunk college students as they tend to sober up and grow up. Getting loaded for recreation is different from a way of life. Get a grip for even trying such disingenuous crap. Try harder…

    Being drunk as a way of life from sun up to sun up is a problem you fool. Drinking beer is different from drinking windshield wiper antifreeze or antiseptic hand cleaner…

    Go to the inner city of Wpg, Regina, Saskatoon or any other western city and see the “Spirited Energy”. Call up all the examples that run contrary to what im saying you cretin but dont admit that Indians are over represented among the hard core substance abusers…Even though it is documented and true! Just bury your stupid little head in the sand and chant your liberal mantra.

  • I spent one year in sunny Thunder Bay. the only drunk people I saw were university and college students (most were white) and female “cougars” lookin’ for some young guys. Most of the coogs were white also. I played one-armed pool with one of them. She reminded me of Hon. M. Bernie’s former biker-friend, hot chick Mme. Cougyar/Couillard.

    As for drunken Aboriginals, I didn’t see any unless they were university or college students–or cougars.

  • Colin

    Well Scott I have lived in this country for many a year and contrary to politically correct opinion (of which you subscribe wholeheartedly) I rarely hear anything positive about indians from people in honest and unguarded moments.

    Not many people would tell a pollster something honest that would make them look bad but if they did, disdain and disgust with the indians in our country would top the list.

    If you cant handle contrary opinion then you are no better than Kinsella and his pathetic sock puppets. The truth hurts sometimes.

    The jails are full of Indians who committed real crimes, and the core area of major cities are polluted with “Indigenous” gas sniffers and antifreeze drinking aboriginals.

    These are facts as well as opinion Scotty. Real people see the conditions that free money has created and want the handouts to stop.

    Europeans won the war, its time for the losers to accept it and get on with life instead of crying poor me and whitey did it…

    You and your buddies can sit around and sing kumbaya all you like but the real world is out there. Perhaps you should try living in it.

  • Colin, you have absolutely no basis for making that claim that most of Canada thinks what Pipsqueak Pierre said. You’ve said many idiotic things, but that ranks up there at the top of the idiotic pile.

    Canada is not the equivalent of the Small Dead Animals message board, thankfully, and I suggest you go back there if you want to repeat your crap.

  • Colin

    Pierre was only saying what most of Canada was thinking. And that is the gravy train for natives has to stop. It has created a culture of dependency and encouraged substance abuse and the subsequent criminal behaviour.

    Native thugs commit crimes in Caledonia and no police force is mobilized against them. When the aggrieved citizens mobilize against the indians they are branded as the criminals.

    Just more crazy shit from the crazy bizarro world the Liberal party created…

  • While not being critical of any apology, Pierre has streaked far into the lead in the race for the shortest, most swarmy, and chokingly insincere apology given in the House of Commons this year. There should be an award for this. It was a knee slapper for sure.

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