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Support Bill C-555. Sign the petition.

I just saw this over at Warren’s this morning, and I heartily agree with him: cell phone companies in Canada gouge the Canadian consumer.

If you agree as well, go here to sign the petition supporting Bill C-555, David McGuinty’s private members bill that will among other things ban system access fees that are charged by cellphone companies.

Some more info on BIll C-555 at Mr. McGuinty’s page here.


2 comments to Support Bill C-555. Sign the petition.

  • whats to stop cell phone companies from removing the 7 dollar charge then upping the cost of the plan by 7 dollars?

  • Observant

    Consider it a “green shift” payment to reduce your wasteful use of cellphones that requires a great deal of dirty electricity to generate all those signals that floods the environment.

    I see cellphones as telephone SUVs ..!!

    Be Green .. talk less .. use less .. save the planet ..!!

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