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Interesting portrayal of Dion

..and one I don’t think is that far from the truth. Go read Aaron Wherry’s perceptions of Dion here. Perhaps Jim might disagree, with all the animal portrayals he has been doing of late to show his discontent at the official Liberal abstention policy, but personally, I think Wherry’s characterization of Dion is “spot on”.

As for whether the trait that Wherry is associating Dion with is a good or a bad thing, I think it can be both a blessing and a curse. As I said before, I guess we’ll see which it is over the decision to hold off on a summer election in the coming months.

(PS – While I’m not as angst-ridden as some about policy specifics of the Green Shift/Carbon Shift not being released yet, I do think it needs to be released sooner rather then later, and I think I prefer us using the “Green Shift” term when using a description for it – it projects much more of an optimistic tone).


7 comments to Interesting portrayal of Dion

  • Observant

    In our Freudian world, the term “Green Shift” is too close to “Green Shi(f)t” … if you get my drift … and if the Liberal party doesn’t back up Dion’s personal summer tour of Canada to tout his Green Shift plan with a significant media campaign and blitz … well, Dion ain’t exactly the greatest communicator or motivator.. and all you’ll have left is a pile of Green Shi(f)t ..!!!

  • Colin

    Actually Tim governments exist to provide essential services where it makes sense for a collective effort to improve everyone’s lot in life. You mention the core services while ignoring the mission creep that a half century of Liberal governments have created.

    Only a Liberal would try to use a government for more and it is primarily why Canada and much of Europe is in such a mess.

    Hopefully many consecutive years of a truly conservative government can undo much of the damage Trudeau and successive Liberal governments did.

  • Tim Webster


    It doesn’t matter Conservative, Liberal, NDP, or other party. Social engineering is what Governments do by definition. And social engineering is what we ask them to do.

    The purpose of Governments is to improve the balance between individual and social costs. Good examples of this are education, justice and transportation networks. Social engineered services that we all depend on each and every day.

    Problems happen when media is exclusively controlled by a very small group and the Government is not transparent. This is a recipe for corruption. Seams Harper’s Conservatives have found this recipe for corruption and like its taste.

    When Governments are driven by corrupt motives their social engineering causes everyone pain.

  • Colin

    I see that Liberal talking points are still focusing on a tax shift instead of admitting its more of a tax on everything. Either way taxpayers arent going to buy it.

    People have grown tired of Liberal social engineering and will turn away from them again if this idiocy goes forward.

  • kevin

    My thoughts are with this carbon tax is that Dion has seriously shot himself in the foot. Do we really need more taxes especialy for the doomsdayers who say we are destroying the planet? Lets face it. The go green movement is sexy right now. And every one and thier dog is jumping on the band wagon but i have read lots of articles for and against and the fact that science has yet to prove that the damage we do is not reversable. Should we be more respondsible? HELL YES. But even if we kept going the way we are the fact that two of the largest nations with large populations ( China & India) are entering thier industrialized age anything we do over here is going to be like pissing in the wind. We need new technologies not phoney accords like Kyoto. DO i want to be taxed to death at the pumps..on my utility bill or gas bill? NO..and most Canadians even though they are concerned with global warming DONT want to pay for it. I swear if this clown gets elected his policys are going to drive us right into a serious recession. Canadians cant afford another tax. I commute 56 kms one way every day and it costs me now 20 dollars per day. Yes i drive a big Grand Caravan but i have 4 kids and i cant afford another car because i am paying so much for gas. It is a serious catch 22. Instead of trying to tax us to death why does the liberal party not get a leader who has REAL vision and maybe take us in a new direction.

  • Tim Webster

    Why is “this” happening? The Liberals should be walking all over Harper’s Conservatives right now. Harper’s a hypocrite and “the New Conservative Government of Canada” is a disgraceful farce making a mockery of justices, openness, and honesty.

    A thought on carbon shift central to Dion’s message.

    Imagine if you were BIG OIL, would you really want people to take action that might reduce their dependence on oil. The carbon tax shift is basically insignificant to the overall cost. It is more psychological in effect, perhaps making people look for ways of reducing oil dependency. I am assuming its a tax shift. Please inform me of the details, so I don’t shoot from the hip.

  • I ain’t sure I’d like my leader being portrayed as a mule. Stubborn, maybe, but mules ain’t noted for their intelligence, so far as I know. Better than a puffin, maybe.

    Stubbornness ain’t necessarily a good trait. If Dion was really stubborn, he wouldn’t have changed his mind about carbon taxes. I’d call that an intelligent willingness to examine alternate solutions and an ability to accept a superior solution, even if it means reversing a previously stated opinion.

    The Grits oughta be poundin’ on the fact that a federal election costs taxpayers $300 million. Liberals should be looking for Canajuns to thank them for staving off a summer election that would likely deliver results not unlike what we have now.

    Along with the tax shift, the Grits better be comin’ up with a spending-shift. A revenue neutral tax shift does not, by definition, raise money for green stuff.

    When they do finally get around to releasing details, the Lib’s should have examples of what the new system will mean to the bottom lines of various types of Canadians. Like how will it affect a typical 905 family of 4, or a typical small town retiree, or a downtown Trawna exec, or a multi-SUV-ownin”, cottage-ownin’, monster home-ownin’ conspicuous consumer. Also, how it will affect Exxon’s bottom line.


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