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This attack ad stuff gets better and better

Ha ha. Check out this statement issued by Spacing Toronto that Kady O’Malley points to that shows what the Cons. are trying to do with these gas pump electronic attack ads against Dion and the Liberals may not even be legal, at least in Toronto:

Stephen Harpers Conservatives have tried over and over to brand itself the chief defender of law and order in this country. But yesterday, when it launched its latest round of attack ads on the Liberals, the Conservative Party used illegal advertising space to get its message out, according to the co-ordinator of

The Conservatives didnt just use a single illegal video screen to play the fiercely partisan advertisement. co-ordinator Rami Tabello told Spacing that every single screen that the spot is playing on at Toronto gas stations is illegal. According to media reports, gas station video screens are the primary vehicle for reaching Torontonians.

Ryan Sparrow didn’t happen to come up with this idea, by any chance?

[email protected]:56pm: And now, the idea whether it’s legal or not seems to have gone DOA before it even starts:

Fuelcast, the company that operates the ad system, said Monday it wont run the Conservative ads at the pumps because it has a policy against political advertising.

Again I ask, was this Ryan Sparrow’s idea? Or Jason Kenny’s brainstorm?

UPDATE [email protected]:51pm: And now, we find out from Kady that the Cons are claiming via the aforementioned Mr. Sparrow that the Cons. have a “binding” agreement with Fuelcast, and the company is expected to honour the agreement. So if Fuelcast refuses, will the Cons. sue em? I mean, they’ve shown themselves to be a rather litigious lot when it comes to suing their political opponents – I can’t see why they wouldn’t go after a private company – particularly as it involves their partisan political propaganda strategy (try saying that phrase quickly).


4 comments to This attack ad stuff gets better and better

  • Angelle

    anon, don’t insult all of the 14 years, who are in my opinion much more mature than Harper. They have the maturity to sense a scam when they see one. I am sure that Harper fashion consultant did not have a say in the choice of the putrid yellow being use in these ads.
    Not only is Harper running out of ideas, but out of people who can think past the school yard.
    This latest attempt just adds to the list.

  • anon

    The only message for Canadians in these ads is that Harper thinks we all have the emotional maturity of a 14-year-old.

  • aa

    That ad made me giggle. The Tories had a blob of oil as their spokesman. I knew the Cons were in the pocket of oil but it is hilarious that they quite literally had oil as their spokesman.

  • Whooee! I reckon they’ll need to go to Plan B. There’s a few unemployed auto workers lookin’ fer work. The Con’s can get ’em walkin’ back’n’forth near gas stations wearin’ sandwich boards. I hear-tell they already got a cadre of human billboards wearin’ yellow tee shirts up in Ottawa.


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