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Some names to remember.

These 2:

Mr. Dion’s campaign co-chair Mark Marissen and campaign director Gordon Ashworth were also against forcing a snap election, sources said.

Dion of course will bear the most responsibility for however his decision turns out on deciding to hold off on forcing an election until at least the Autumn, so he can discuss his carbon tax proposal with Canadians, rather then forcing a summer election.

However, if these sources are correct, and these two top Liberal advisers were also against forcing an election, their advice would be weighed heavily by the Liberal leader. So, Liberals need to keep those 2 names in mind when this plays itself out over the summer and into the Fall. Dion as the leader will of course bear the full brunt of either taking the credit or taking the blame for however this ends up, but the chief advisers need to also be given their share of the darts/laurels of the strategy to wait.

If this strategy works out, I’ll be one of the first in line singing their strategical genius. If it doesn’t however, the onus of responsibility for that decision falls on their shoulders as it would on Dion’s, and they would need to be held accountable for that failure in strategy.


7 comments to Some names to remember.

  • kevin

    Hey Scott

    Not trying to start a family fued..been reading for months and watching the news…just thought i would throw my hat in the ring and say what many people i hear are saying also.

  • @Kevin

    Wow. That’s quite a rant, Kevin. Welcome to the blog. 🙂

    I’ll let others have the chance to issue rebuttals to you first. I don’t feel like getting into a political argument with a relative 🙂

  • kevin

    Ok, I have been reading for a long time and bit my lip but here is a few things to ponder. I know Scott that you have called the libs nervous nellies but is there a hidden reason for it. Could it be that the real people in the party realize that Dion is not the leader that they hoped he was going to be so they are hoping later than sooner? Myself I would not want him leading this country. Here a a few reasons why.

    #1. first of all he could not get hardly any donations for the leadership convention..he had to take out loans..LOANS which he has not repaid and is very soon going to be in violation of the elections act for not repaying them. Myself i would not trust anyone who could not repay a $600,000 loan and then trust him with the billions of tax dollars that the feds collect from us.

    #2 wasting time in commons. I think the government has better thing to do than have to keep answering questions about petty things like CHUCK SCAM or documents that were left behind. One man lost his job over the documents..thats the end of it..there is no way harper can keep track of everything that everyone of his ministers do. to keep dragging all this up to me reeks of desperation on the Liberals part. Yes i agree when there is question about something that they have to be answered but i have not seen anything about the document scandal that would cause me concern except that that woman has a perfect chest!!!

    #3. I have not heard Dion pump up anything that his party would run for as far as an election campaign. All the Liberals are doing is engaging in PETTY POLITICS. they have nothing that turns canadians on so they are going to try to make harper look worse than how his party looks. PATHETIC…

    So all you libs out there just keep doing what you are really does make you all look desperate!! Now..take your shots..i know its coming!!!

  • Dan

    One sentence in a Globe article won’t distract me from giving the right person credit or blame. Dion.

    • @Dan

      I don’t disagree, and I said that in my piece that Dion bears the brunt of the decision – however it ends up. That said, I’m just saying that the top circle of advisers to him who obviously have helped persuade him to take this route need to also be included in whatever gets handed out – blame or credit – for this strategy.

  • Well I keep saying it..people do not like summer elections..take it from one that used to enumerate, I know. A great many will not like the thoughts of a carbon tax talked about, when gas prices are sky-high. I think Dion should wait for this, if he can, as Health and Economy are suffering, should come first.

  • Let’s go now and get this over with!

    If Harper wins, esp. if a majority, clean house — move over Dion — and start working harder. I think that the next several years are going to contain one heck of an economic shock that Harper et al. will not be able to philosophically deal with.

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