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More Conservative amateur hour on Cadman-Gate.

The Cadman-Gate affair has been a bit out of the news of late, what with “Nafta-Gate” (the leak from someone in the PMO of notes questioning Obama’s sincerity in overturning NAFTA), as well as “Maxime Bernier-Gate” (I’m sure I don’t need to explain what that is) dominating the news of late.

You’d think this was a dormant issue, what with all the successful filibustering the Conservatives are doing in Committee to prevent it from being investigated, but it appears the Conservatives are still very worried about Harper being caught on tape saying what he did about “financial considerations”, because they’ve just held a press conference this morning where they claim they have experts saying that the tape in question was “doctored” by the Liberals, and that they’ve filed an injunction request, asking the courts to order the Liberals to stop playing the tape, because of their doctored claim.

That’s what they’d like everyone to believe, but as Kady O’Malley blogged this morning, they didn’t do a very good job of convincing any of the assembled media of the merits of their case:


Questions! First, from a French reporter: Did they use the original tape? They used the tape provided by Zytaruk, Moore says.

How did the tape change the meaning of what the PM said? Hm, not really an answer there—reporters pressing him on it. The gist: it was a longer conversation, and the tape was doctored. Doctored!

Oh dear, this isn’t a good sign for the Conservative spin factory: “Are you calling ‘white noise’ a fabricated soundbite?” That doesn’t sound like quite the revelation that the news release promised, and Moore seems to be getting a little frantic. Will there be action against Zytaruk? Sounds like not.

More questions. The Toronto Star wants to clarify whether the words “financial consideration” occurred—no yes or no answer, just that “the tape was doctored.” That’s the line they want us to leave with—not how, or why, or what it changes as far as the actual conversation.

In other, worse news for Moore, someone—Graham Richardson, to be precise—managed to read one of the affidavits, and confronts him with the observation that the expert doesn’t say the tape can’t be trusted at all.


Interesting – so the tape is “doctored”, but they’re taking no action against the person who taped it – and he has been on record in the past as standing up for its accuracy. This apparently is just aimed at stopping the meanie Liberals from continuing to embarrass them about this affair – talk about libel chill.  An impartial judge will see this for what it is and throw this injunction out without looking at it too long, I predict.

If Moore is holding a press conference on an issue that has largely sunk into the background while Nafta-Gate and Bernier-Gate has overshadowed it, the Cons. obviously are worried about it enough to try and discredit it – too bad for them that it appears they are still engaging in Inspector Gadget-type news conferences – this one following up on their highly embarrassing attempt at contacting select media to preempt the release of the affidavit Elections Canada used to explain the raid on Conservative Party Headquarters.

Maybe they should hire Buckets to listen to the tape – he has experience after all listening to Gurmant Grewal’s attempts to doctor tapes. I’m sure he could tell James Moore as well as anyone whether a tape has been “doctored” or not.

[email protected]:28pm: Kady expands on her liveblogging with another entry, explaining why she thinks the Cons. bringing this up again was a big mistake, and how they seem to be stretching their case here.


6 comments to More Conservative amateur hour on Cadman-Gate.

  • Actually, the Conservative motive is that they think we are going to tumble them tomorrow and they didn’t want this to be a campaign ad.

  • Buckets

    Christ. Some people are remembered for their sense of humour. Others for their good looks or talent. I’m remembered for the f***ing Grewal tapes!

  • Ask James Moore, Lore-Weaver.. Moore and Ryan Sparrow and the PMO braintrust obviously feel people still care. Why resurrect a a nearly dead, if not dormant issue otherwise?

  • Lore

    What a shocker, to hit your nickname and find a Conservative website. A real stunner.

    Besides, Harper doesn’t want to talk about the manufacturing sector, the economy is strong, remember??

  • foottothefire

    Christ! This is not government; this is grade 6!
    Methinks they doth protest too much perhaps because they haven’t grown out of the lying habit.

  • Police aren’t charging the Conservatives. people don’t care anymore. Why even try to make this an issue?

    Don’t we have important things to talk about? Like Ontario’s manufacturing sector? Afghanistan? Energy Policy?

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