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Obama is now “the presumptive Democratic nominee”

…whether Hillary Clinton and her supporters (see her chairman Terry McAuliffe as an extreme example) are willing to admit it or not. Tonight’s 2 primaries plus a flood of superdelegates have ensured that. Here is his victory speech:

I do believe Hillary will concede in the next few days. I can’t believe she would continue fighting on and risk splitting her own party with Obama having clinched the nomination. Tonight’s speech by her was about bravado and not bringing her own supporters down (MSNBC was reporting that the room Hillary in didn’t have working cellphone, tv or laptop access so that none of her supporters knew that Obama had already clinched the nomination – not sure if that’s true, but rather bizarre. I suppose if you want to keep your supporter’s spirits up, imposing a blackout on bad news is one way to do it).

Oh.. and be patient with the video.. the server is extremely clogged as of tonight when I posted the link for this, as you would expect.


5 comments to Obama is now “the presumptive Democratic nominee”

  • Deb Prothero


    NY times just announced Hillary will suspend on Friday.

    Now he has to choose a running mate. Might be wise to wait until McCain has committed.

  • marta

    On the second part > you are right Clinton would be in the same very unassuming “winner” .Unfortunately the two camp is so hostile to each other so that is quite a poison itself..
    Obama is the winner but Clinton deserves more Respect the Obama is willing To show.
    That is why I am so worried..
    This Party has the most archaic System To Chose their leader Unbelivable flawd and the “bigwigs’ have more say then the VOTERS..
    I am so disappointed …

  • Easy Marta: If those Democrats who voted for Clinton hate what Bush has done, and what MCain will continue, they will vote for Obama. They will not cut off their noses to spite their face. If they do, then they don’t deserve to be in power anyhow. Obama also polls very well with independents and some moderate Republicans. He’ll do fine.

    And the 2nd part of your statement makes no sense. If you’re questioning Obama’s “win”, then how could Hillary have been any more of a legitimate candidate when she won less then he did?

  • marta

    It is a BLUNDER ..
    If half of the democrats are definitely NOT for Obama he can win when all Americans will be asked???
    He didn’t really won the Primariaes…
    winning with 1% is not real win ..only technical terms.
    I am afraid … very afraid..

  • It’s all been a lot closer than I would have liked. Any chance Clinton would run as an independent to be a spoiler? I would hope not.

    Several things to ponder. I don’t now how significant they will prove to be:

    1. Will Americans vote for a black man? The jury is out on that one. One study showed that as many as 21% of white Democrats would not vote for a black presidential candidate. If even half that number was valid, it would hurt Obama seriously.

    2. How many of Hillary’s supporters would vote for McCain instead of Obama? What sort of feminist would rather vote for a 71yo Republican who still thinks invading Iraq was a good idea…..instead of Obama? A very silly and spiteful one.

    I hope Obama comes through in November…but there is reason for concern at this point. America needs to look at itself and decide which of the possible futures on offer it really wants to support. War? Or reconciliation?

    If you really support the troops, which one makes most sense?

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