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Blog stuff – users are again able to edit comments here

.. within reason.

I used to have a plugin enabled on here called AJAX Edit Comments. It allowed users within a reasonable time limit to edit their comments if they had made a spelling mistake, or posted a link incorrectly, etc. I disabled it because it seemed to sometimes mess up when you tried editing, and I was suspicious it was slowing down my site from loading quickly enough.

The plugin has been revamped with Version 2 being released, with some nice changes to the interface as well as other stuff you can read about here. The restrictions I’ve placed on editing comments here is that you have 5 minutes to edit a comment you leave on here (I believe a timer shows up to keep you informed how much time you have left to edit), plus if someone else leaves a comment in the meantime in the same blogpost comment thread, you will be unable to edit your comment, regardless whether the time has run out or not.

We’ll try it and see how it works out.

Addenum: I’ve also turned snapshots back on. The popups for it were recently not working properly for people using Firefox, but I’ve just tested it today and things seem to be back to normal. So, I’ve re-enabled that feature as well.


1 comment to Blog stuff – users are again able to edit comments here

  • Popups aren’t a feature, they are a bug 😉
    But with my Adblock the links don’t bother me anyway 🙂

    I edited this comment. It was a touch slow to load the edit popup, but did work.

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