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Which scandal do you go after?

Seriously, this Conservative government has so many of them going on right now, which one do you focus on if you’re the opposition? Or do you try to focus on them all, hoping that the Canadian public doesn’t care about the specifics of each scandal, but grasps that whatever the details, the Conservatives aren’t a very clean bunch while in power.

That all said, here are two things I’ve seen today that I like. First, the Canadian public seems to regard the Bernier-Couillard affair as something that needs investigation, if you believe this poll:

Canadians, according to the latest Angus Reid poll, are taking it seriously, with a majority wanting an RCMP investigation…According to the poll conducted over the past two day, the majority of Canadians believe it is a serious matter requiring the RCMP to investigate whether Bernier breached security. The online survey of 1,001 adults found that 57 per cent think an RCMP investigation into the security breach is warranted, while another 53 per cent said the Bernier situation raises questions about Harper’s judgment.

I note that we now have more sources inside the civil service apparently leaking stuff, with the Liberals now saying they’ve been told that CSIS, Canada’s spy agency, and the PMO had discussions over Julie Couillard, which Stock Day refused to confirm or deny – which might as well mean a confirmation. The Conservatives harsh treatment of the public service (not to mention all their attacks on the independent federal agencies) may be coming back to bite them – and I’m neither surprised or sad that’s hapenning.

Second, the Liberals and Dion are grabbing onto the Toronto Star report from yesterday that I talked a bit about here and charging that there was a coverup/whitewash by the Conservatives in determining who did the leak over what we’ve been calling NAFTAgate involving Barack Obama and the release of documents questioning his sincerity in opposing NAFTA supposedly to a Republican operative who then contacted the Associated Press. It’s good that Dion and the Liberals are raising this with reporters, as it keeps that story in the spotlight about how the Conservative government is so ideological, it would go to the lengths of trying to influence the US Presidential election to aid their Republican soulmates, which a former diplomat talked about here in an article talking about Frank Sensenbrenner:

“It’s typical on the part of that far-right cabal of Tories and Republicans who have put together a network, trying to work below the radar, because they think only they can solve the problems of the two countries together”

Only the Conservative/Republican can solve the problems of the two countries. What a scary thought that is – I wonder what they consider to be problems to solve – keeping Democrats and Liberals and other “leftists” out of office? Everything that’s happened this week almost makes the Cadman affair look tame by comparison, doesn’t it?


10 comments to Which scandal do you go after?

  • CadScam, and the In and Out scandals are by far more significant indicators at how unfit Harper and the Conservatives are to govern. However, this scandal has legs… of the female kind, and that why it will stick out in peoples minds.

    One scandal is all it takes, although many straws to break the camel’s back just pile on the Tory’s troubles.

  • “Until I see online polling actually performing on a consistent accurate basis, Ill continue to be dubious about it (Zogbys performance in 2004 with online polling sticks in my craw). That said, Ill mention them still if they get released.”

    2004? First that is eons ago, second you are using Zogby, who has no respect within the polling community. I agree on that score, the guy changed his New Hampshire results in 2004 the last night so he wouldn’t be embarrassed. He had Dean ahead, while everyone else had Kerry well out front, then all of sudden, the final night, we saw a 17 point swing, which is actually impossible on a three day weighted poll.

    Scott, I have provided you, on many occasions, with factual references that speak to the accuracy of this online poll. Their results in the last Quebec and Manitoba, not to mention Ontario, elections were highly accurate, the best of anyone overall. You’ve never commented on this fact, and yet we tout NANOS as the guru, citing the same sort of accuracy proof.

    I would rather criticize the results, rather than the online aspect. The last Angus poll had the Cons two points behind the Libs in Ontario, which explains their national gap. I think that is rightly an outlier, based on other polls, but I don’t say that just because its online.

  • Argh, Steve beat me to the online poll comment, which is probably appropriate, although I’d have been less verbose and more snarky…

    Dan, In and Out wasn’t sexy? Really, the In and Out scandal, not sexy? I think you must be doing something wrong..

  • Steve:

    I’ve clearly stated my caveat to this poll, as I do with all online polling. I use it because it’s the only thing we have that shows any evidence of public dissatisfaction, my dubiousness toward it or not (plus the media won’t make the distinction with it being an online poll anyhow).

    Until I see online polling actually performing on a consistent accurate basis, I’ll continue to be dubious about it (Zogby’s performance in 2004 with online polling sticks in my craw). That said, I’ll mention them still if they get released.

  • Ye gods and little fishes, but Young Liberals are thick. James Travers’ original detective work and Tim Harper’s very fine elaboration the next day are clearly the story that matters in the long term, but look at what keeps scrolling by at PB — bubbleheaded posts about boobs.

    And by boobs, mostly, I’d say.

  • The Bernier thing is sexy and easy to understand.

    Don’tcallitNAFTAgate and In and Out are not. It seems obvious to me where the opposition should be focusing right now.

  • Scott, my friend, I can’t let this go. You don’t get to go around to every blog post, wherein this online poll is used, and say it can’t be trusted, then use it too support your post here, even with the caveat. If you truly believe what you’ve written, OVER and OVER again on my blog and elsewhere, everytime an online poll is used, then you can’t put it in one of your posts. If you are putting it in a post, then you give it validity, which you constantly argue it doesn’t merit. You can’t have it both ways, when you find something that supports what you want, then trash it when it isn’t in line with what you want to see. “If you believe this poll” gives you cover, but your clearly presenting it to support something, and given you personal hatred, I find that very strange. At the very least, I expect no more questioning comments, based on methodology 😉

    I put up a new Decima online poll, showing the Cons are in big trouble. This now means that Angus, NANOS and Decima are all using online polling in some capacity.

  • foottothefire

    The Harperites (refuse to call them Conservatives) are a throw back to Alberta Governments of generations back and are so predictable I predicted (amongst many other predictions) that the civil service would turn on them, too (interestingly enough, Lougheed and Getty solved the provincial civil service problem by essentially gutting the civil service, removing the union and various other forms of witch hunting. Maybe watch for Harperites to do the same….if given the time).
    As for what to focus on, I’d suggest, “accountability” and then list all the henious crimes the bastards have committed as examples too many to address individually; it would also keep the confusion down and the focus narrowed for the masses.

  • The question was raised in the House QP yesterday, with Peter Van Loan denying all.

  • j

    “…ood that Dion and the Liberals are raising this with reporters, as it keeps that story in the spotlight about how the Conservative government is so ideological”

    Although doing media is an important component of a leader and an MPs job – I would think that according to their job descriptions their first responsibility is to raise these kinds of questions/issues in the House of Commons or in committee. You know, the way Jack Layton did when he questioned the Prime Minister on the possible PMO connection to the GOP operatives working at the Canadian Embassy in Washington:

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