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The Conservatives aren’t going to make very good censors if Bill C-10 passes.

Now I know it’s all Bernier all the time on the blogs – at least on the Progressive blogosphere and in the media blogs – but I caught something else today that no one seemed to catch or mention: seems like several of the Conservatives were um, a tad embarrassed that they were on the VIP list for a rather steamy sex film – a film that might be something their censor board would deny tax credits for if Bill C-10 ever was to pass – of course, someone has to actually SEE the movie to be able to make that determination, right? They’re going to have to get over their prudishness . And if they can’t, they maybe should ask their staffers to go see it for them and issue a report back to them, rather then fire them:

A provocative movie about the sex lives of young people is too hot for some Conservatives to handle – and a parliamentary staffer has been fired for ordering tickets to a special screening. Tory MPs are denying they ever planned to watch the film “Young People F**king” even though several of their names appeared on an RSVP list for an Ottawa viewing Thursday night…The movie has fuelled censorship debate around a Conservative bill that would deny tax credits to productions deemed “contrary to public policy” by the government. An assistant to MP Gary Goodyear from Cambridge, Ont. was fired after Goodyear’s name showed up on the screening guest list. She had in fact ordered the ticket for herself…Tory MPs Patrick Brown, James Lunney and Carol Skelton also say their names were listed in error and they have no plans to see the film.

C’mon Conservatives; if you’re going to deny films from getting tax credits because they’re “contrary to public policy” – a couched phrase meaning censoring anything offending the Conservative morality squad – you STILL have to go see the movies in question to see if it offends your sensibilities enough or not for you to make a decision on whether it gets tax credits or not. Don’t be embarrassed about seeing such “tawdry” movies – you’re here to save Canada from descending into chaos, immorality, and disorder!

(Er, now what was Bernier doing again?)


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  • Canadians don’t need to fund filthy movies. “Meatballs” is a Canadian made movie about camp counsellors who try to get into sexual antics. Any movie with Bill Murray has got to be filthy. I wonder if I can still cash in my very old Wintario lottery tickets for 50 cents a piece down at the Odeon to see a Canadian made movie.

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