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I guess the “busybodies” have won (or were proven right).

Your Maxime Bernier resignation timeline yesterday, and the way the Conservatives handled it:

– Around the middle of the day, when being questioned about these new reports that Maxime’s ex-girlfriend was involved with security at airports, PM Harper utters what may become a famous phrase:

I don’t take this subject seriously.”

– In QP yesterday afternoon, in response to Michael Ignatieff’s questions, this is what Peter Van Loan said:

“Mr. Speaker,” the House leader began, “our Foreign Affairs Minister and our Prime Minister have been showing considerable leadership on the world stage”

– At about 5 pm on CBC and Don Newman’s Politics show, Conservative MP Deepak Obhrai said the following about Bernier:

“The caucus is behind him 100%. We think he’s doing a marvellous job.”

– Finally, around 7:30 7:10 pm or so, comes Harper back out to the press corps, all of a sudden taking the subject of Maxime Bernier and his ex-girlfriend VERY seriously:

Maxime Bernier has stepped down as foreign affairs minister over his sloppy handling of secret cabinet documents an error called “very severe” by Prime Minister Stephen Harper…”He told me he has left classified cabinet documents in a place that was not secure,” said a visibly shaken Harper. “Evidently this is an error that is very grave. We will review this incident.”

He accepted the resignation earlier in the day, according to this news article. I wonder how much earlier in the day. How nice of Harper to not tell his mouthpieces in QP and on TV talk shows that this was going to transpire while they went on and defended Bernier profusely to anyone who would listen. I’m sure they are thanking him profusely for his secretive manner making them look like idiots.

EDIT: I might also note that the NDP – specifically Thomas Mulclair – didn’t look too hot out of this whole affair either, since he was dismissing it on Don Newmans show right after Deepak’s claim of how everyone in Conservative-land thought Maxime was doing wonderfully. (H/T Aaron Wherry over at Macleans)

EDIT 2: Oh, and if you want to see how the Blogging Tories are trying to spin this, check out the spin cycle Mr. Stephen Taylor is trying to use for all this; apparently according to Stephen, this resignation means the government can move forward on its agenda without this distraction. That’s a pretty good attempt at spin, Stephen – at least you’re putting up a brave face about things.


3 comments to I guess the “busybodies” have won (or were proven right).

  • Ted

    The Liberals were insinuating that the girlfriend was the risk. The “busybodies” were too fascinated with the biker connection.
    Bernier is and should be the fall guy. What he did with those documents was utterly stupid. He was clearly in over his head.
    This is Harpers worst moment.

    PS. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. If Bernier handled that relationship a little more deftly he would still be FA Minister.

  • Scott, did you actually listen to Mulcair’s statement (in which he said that Bernier had been unprepared for the job all along and should be dismissed for incompetence)? Part of the responsibility may lie with Wherry for inexplicably pairing that statement with Obhrai’s declaration of confidence in Bernier – but one can’t reasonably interpret Mulcair’s actual comments as being anything of the sort.

  • wilson

    The ‘busybodies’ were accusing the girlfriend of being a security risk.
    So you got it wrong, in the end, the girlfriend wasn’t the risk.

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