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Blogging makes for strange bedfellows.

Small Dead Animals and Kate publicly support Jason Cherniak in his online squabble that he initiated with Warren on the carbon tax issue.  Not exactly a supporter I’d be happy to be supporting me on an issue, if I’m a Liberal.

I’ve been shaking my head all day at this whole blowup.  Some days discretion is the better part of valour, and some things are better left unsaid (or said in a more tactful manner).


9 comments to Blogging makes for strange bedfellows.

  • I stopped going to her blog regularly last November, and the times I’ve gone back I can count on one hand. It’s really made blogging a lot nicer, to not argue with the trolls there. If more bloggers followed my lead, soon the SDAers would be so desperate for attention that they’d start to *really* show their true colours in desperate attempts for attention. I don’t know, maybe they’d make fun of holocaust survivors, or something no sane person would do…

  • Saskboy,

    SDA is predictable because she’s become, essentially, a one-trick pony of sorts. She has nothing new to say and hasn’t for awhile. Hence, like I keep telling people, she’s irrelevant.

    Just wanted to say it one more, really.

  • I saw this support coming. I was almost going to write about it on my blog as taking place, without checking SDA to confirm it. Seems Kate is rather predictable in this regard.

  • It seems compelling, but Jason always gave me heartburn anyway. This looks a lot like American style posturing. It seems to be a trend in Canadian blog land these days.

  • Well, at least it’s not Ann Coulter.

  • CWTF

    Exactly Scott. So don’t you find it cheap (or dishonest) of Warren pointing that out? I’m sure that WK is aware of why she is doing that.

    Maybe you should also point out that Warner Pastel (surely one of the worlds most addled blogger) support WK… what do you think?

    As for the spat, I think that knowing who employs you can have a effect on what you say. WK is a spin doctor after all.

    Look, Tim Ball passes himself as an expert but in reality he’s just a paid lobbyist by the oil industry. I’m not saying that WK would ever be as dishonest as Mr Ball.

    It’s fine to think that everyone in the world is altruistic but the it’s far from reality.

    Well maybe Dion is with his carbon tax, but that will not win any elections…

  • CWTF, I’m well aware of her reasons…sorta the same like Rush Limbaugh openly supporting Clinton over Obama – to cause mischief.

  • yea the people Kate lobby for want to keep jason aruond as long as possible


  • CWTF

    She’s only supporting Cherniak because she does not like Kinsella. I’m sure she has no clue or even understands the essence of the spat.

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