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Random blogging topics today.

1) We did “get it”,  Greg, but as I’ve said on here prior, some of us were being openly encouraged to apply even though we aren’t sympathetic to the “vision” that the Conservative Party wants bloggers -ones that are sympathetic to that vision presumably – to spread to Canadians, and I was urging bloggers of the progressive stripe to apply so we can compare how tolerant the Tories are going to be compared to the Liberals and their 2006 Convention when opposing POV bloggers apply to cover this.  I fully expect they won’t be, save for a token dissenting blogger perhaps.

2) Another Harrisite joins the Harper fold. I see Guy Giorno, former Mike Harris chief of staff, is pegged to replace the departing Ian Brodie as Harper’s top aide.   One good thing about that will be we will no longer have to read in the Toronto Star Guy’s guest columns, which were better suited for the Toronto Sun or the National Post.


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  • mushroom

    Jim Calder from the Progressive Right said that Guy Giorno actually voted yes for MMP. Surprised?

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