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Send in your application to blog live at the Conservatives Convention

I just would like to echo what James blogged about yesterday, and what Warren lauded a couple of days ago and encourage bloggers of the progressive stripe to go to this Conservative Party page and send in an application to apply for blogger credentials at their 2008 national convention. The Liberals did this in 2006 (and had other bloggers who were there that weren’t Liberals, including yours truly at the time), so it will be interesting to see if the Cons. credential non-Blogging Tory bloggers.

I should also mention that I had a message from Stephen Taylor, Blogging Tories headmaster, on whether I was going to apply or not and encouraging me to do so. I don’t think I will, but that indicates to me that the Conservatives will be giving credentials to some bloggers not exactly receptive to their point of view.

For those wondering where and when this is, I’m told by Stephen it’s going to be held in Winnipeg sometime after Thanksgiving. Personally, I think it would be amusing to blog there from a progressive point of view if we have gone to an election before that and the Conservatives get removed from power by then. It would be priceless seeing Stephen Harper pout on stage. Of course, he’d be insufferable if they actually managed to hold on to power, but either way, it would give folks good material to blog about.

I encourage folks to apply.


11 comments to Send in your application to blog live at the Conservatives Convention

  • Zorph –

    I applied April 13th (thanks, Esther!) and just received my rejection today. I suspect the timing may have had something to do with the recent spike in applications… or it may just be a coincidence.

  • Lots of venom, eh Robert?

  • Robert Gibbs

    If you’re a masochistic bitch, then by all means, go to a CON convention!

  • Jennifer:

    I’m musing having one of my moderators apply and go on behalf of Prog Blog in my stead (if any of them think they could go if accepted) just to see what the response is.

    I went on behalf of Jim Elve for BlogsCanada, so it’s not like it’s never been done before.

  • “..but..we both know that is not going to happen.”

    You people don’t get out much do you, just comfy underneath you Con security blanket?

    Hopefully Harper can use the summer to get his numbers back to the fragile minority of 2006. What a juggernaut!!

  • Jennifer,

    How long was between your application and the time they turned you down?

    Yes, the Wingnuterer has applied to attend, if they’ll have me. ~evil grin~

  • You really should apply. I’d be happy to pass the hat amongst the Prog Bloggers to cover your expenses.

    My application was turned down, probably because I’m pretty small fry. With you, they wouldn’t have that excuse.

  • Actually, we don’t know that, Kursk. The polls show dead heats. I am pretty confident however that the Conservatives will be ousted when the election writ is dropped, but I don’t KNOW for sure.

  • kursk

    Yeah, Scott..wouldn’t YOU be insufferable if the Conservatives were out of power then..but..we both know that is not going to happen.

  • Robert, the Liberals let Greg and me in without paying a fee. I’m sure it’s the same for the Conservative convention for Liberal bloggers. If not, I’ll fight for it.

  • You shouldn’t sign up unless you’re willing to shell out the $1,000 convention fee and actually plan to attend if selected. Otherwise the only thing this will accomplish is to prevent someone who would attend from being selected.

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