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Victoria Day testing on the site – Subscribe to Comments works again (I think) and site glitches

Hi folks – first off, Happy Victoria Day to you all. I hope you’re enjoying it, regardless of how the weather is (it’s been absolutely raw and wet and cold and miserable in Southern Ontario this weekend – I’m glad I’m not a camper).

Secondly, thanks to some help from Debra over at April Reign, I think we might have our Subscribe to Comments option working again, which allows users to receive notifications of new comments that are posted to a blog entry. If anyone would like to test that, feel free (you’ll see the option to subscribe below the input box where users can type in comments to my blogposts). (EDIT: I’ve also added the Register and Log In option directly at the top of my screen, so its easier to see/find and you dont have to waste time scrolling to the bottom to locate them)

Lastly, I’ve stumbled upon a slight glitch when it comes to reading those aforementioned comments.

It appears that if one is a registered user at my site and clicks on comments to go and read them, the site appears as normal — that is, the sidebars and accompanying stuff on them appear normally as they look when you first access the site and look at the frontpage. However, I’ve been informed by someone that if one is an unregistered user at my site – as most readers are – then what happens when they click on comments is that all the left and right sidebar stuff gets pushed to the bottom of the page – BELOW the comment input text box.

I’ve used a test login (which uses regular access) to look, and I’ve confirmed that. When I login with a username, everything appears normal when I read comments. However, if I come to the site and go to read those same comments without a registered user login, the sidebars and all the stuff on it get thrown to the bottom… but if I have a username and I re-login, everything goes back to normal.

I’ve asked a couple of people about this already, but if there is anyone out there who is adept at WordPress and php coding, my question would be where I go to fix that (comments.php, or the css deign sheet?) so everyone who reads comments sees a normal screen with sidebars where they should be – logged in or not.

[email protected]:00PM: Again, thanks to Debra, I think I’ve fixed the comments so that the sidebars arent being misplaced – logged in or not. All I need now is for someone to tell me if the Subscribe to Comments thing is working properly.


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