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No guts, no glory. No risk, no reward.

I’ve noted that there’s been some angst in Liberal blogworld over whether or not the Liberals should really be promoting a carbon tax or carbon tax shift these days, and whether its a smart election strategy.

Quite frankly, until we see the full meat and bones of the plan, I think the angst is a tad early, but to be honest, if we’re going to lose, I’d rather Dion and the Liberals and us who support them go down fighting with a bang with a policy that is believed by the leader to be whats best for Canada then to go down with a whimper (ie.  during the period of abstaining that was engaged in).

A majority of Canadians (61%) said they support a carbon tax of some shape and form in the most recent Decima poll on it a week and a bit ago. That number of support increases to the 70’s when asked what they thought of a carbon tax shift which included an incentive/reward program for those who do very well under this plan.

Dion and the Liberals have the opportunity to gave Canadians the chance to back up their green commitment in words with actions. It will not be hard to say  “If you the electors want Canada to continue this path of inaction on the environment and continue the status quo – then vote Conservative.  If you want real substantial plans to help start the process of controlling GHG’s, then vote Liberal”.

I say we go for it, and we’ll see if Canada wants to be a nation of environmental footdraggers and support the idea that whatever corporate Big Oil polluters want, Big Oil will get,  as the Conservatives want, or if we really will support the idea of going green and cutting down on our GHG emissions with substantial action, as Dion and the Liberals propose.


10 comments to No guts, no glory. No risk, no reward.

  • mushroom


    The prelims of Dion’s plan came from Mintz and Olewiler. He is quite big on it, being the policy wonk he is. Probably sitting in his nighttable. The scope of it is here:

    ‘That plan, proposed by economist Jack Mintz and Nancy Olewiler of the Sustainable Prosperity Institute, would leave the existing excise tax of 10 cents per litre of gasoline and four cents per litre of diesel unchanged. The authors estimate that applying the excise tax to other fuels would increase tax revenue by between $12 billion and $15 billion annually. The revenue could be used to substantially lower personal and business taxes and to fund tax credits related to climate change technologies.

    Mintz and Olewiler said “there should be no net increase in taxes associated with this proposal.”‘

  • Yes, Liberals should care what Goldstein “the denier” thinks. Clearly, his audience of sunspot, Gore hating stooges, is the Liberal target audience. What next, Ezra’s opinion? Who cares.

  • burpnrun

    Yeah, go for it Dion/Scott. Anything to ensure a CPC majority! And to provide fun and comic relief, here’s Lorrie Goldstein’s articles on the questions we should all ask Dion and/or canvassers at our door during the next election:

  • johnmurney

    Scott, Dion will come to rue the day he advocated a carbon tax; I am already there. From whom does Dion get his ridiculous political advice?

  • mushroom

    Just nitpicking as usual over semantics.

    I prefer you do not use the word Big Oil, this term is more of a populist sentiment expressed by Layton. My bone of contention, feel free to ignore my misrepresentation.

    Mind you, oil companies will still receive corporate tax cuts as part of a “revenue neutral” carbon tax. They may also get incentives for developing environmentally friendly alternative technologies at the same time.

  • kursk

    I just have to frown when i read of Liberals wanting to reach into my pocket with one hand whilst whispering in my ear how i will enjoy it, and how it will be good for me..!

    I do not trust Liberals with my tax money.Period.

  • Mushroom, what the heck are you going on about? I did nothing to steal “Jack Layton’s rhetoric”, nor did I support what you claimed I did.

    Re-read the piece a bit more carefully.

  • mushroom

    “corporate Big Oil polluters want, Big Oil will get”

    Thanx for stealing Jack Layton’s rhetoric. All for supporting a gas tax holiday and passing the revenue collected from the consumer to the oil producers 🙁

    It should be vote Liberal for a greener Canada, fairer Canada, and a richer Canada. Environmentally friendlier, more money in the pockets of working families, and a comprehensive anti-poverty strategy.

  • wilson

    ‘If you want real substantial plans to help start the process of controlling GHG’s, then vote Liberal”.’

    If liberals ‘didn’t get it done’ with a majority government, Dion as enviro minister, and 8 successive surplus budgets following their signing of Kyoto, why should anyone believe liberals now?

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