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Help Andrew Coyne get a more creative name for his blog.

Actually, Andrew isn’t actively soliciting a name change, but his fellow blogger at Maclean’s Andrew Potter is stumping for one:

You have to admit, there are some pretty snappily-named blogs here at Blog Central…And then theres the blog hosted by our very own National Editor Andrew Coyne, and his cleverly titled blog, Andrew Coynes Blog…since Andrew himself doesnt seem to have any good ideas, its time for the people to choose. So here we go PG readers, fire up the brain cells. Put your suggestions in the comments here or email them to me. Well run this till Friday midnight, or till we get a winner, or till something else happens.

I’m sure there are lots of creative folks out here in blogworld that can come up with a better name for Andrew Coyne’s blog then…Andrew Coyne’s Blog. SO go on over to the link and submit your best one! (I’ve submitted a couple).

[email protected]:47pm: Due to overwhelming submissions, with most being of the pun variety, Andrew (Potter) has shut down the comments sections of this site in order to preserve peace at Macleans and keep Andrew (Coyne) from quitting blogging forever.


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