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6 feet of blather (or whatever height Pierre is).

Pierre Poilivere (who else?) decided to come out today and issue a statement in the House on Senator Romeo Dallaire’s testimony yesterday (actually, let me amend that – no doubt the PMO sent out Pierre today and asked him to say this and no doubt pre-approved the statement he read) which was worse, if possible  then Jason Kenney’s blathering yesterday on the topic) which more or less equated Dallaire, “a retired general, author, speaker and respected parliamentarian to “a member of the Khadr family”

Dallaire responded in an appropriate manner as shown by Kady here. (Note: this was a response to Jason Kenney’s twisted logic from yesterday’s hearing, but the reply can apply to Pierre’s blurtings today as well)

All I will say further to this is that Pierre Poiliviere couldn’t lick Senator Dallaire’s army boots. Also, while Dallaire may have been very strong and harsh in his criticism of Canada and the US, and while some may disagree with his wording, I don’t feel he should be disciplined for it. Rather, we (as in we, the Liberal Party) should be taking Jason Kenney and Pierre Poiliviere to task for their twisting and distortions of the good Senator’s remarks.


3 comments to 6 feet of blather (or whatever height Pierre is).

  • Pierre is a dogmatic true believer. He sees no issue at all will stooping to any level and libeling any person in order to promote the twisted Conservative vision.

    Ironic that, as someone who lives in his riding, he has spent so much taxpayer dollars and time telling us how important it was to raise the age of consent to 16, because kids younger than that are not capable of making moral judgments.


    He’s a hypocrite and really needs to be publicly humiliated at every turn.

  • Poilièvre is also completely incoherent. It was Kenney who raised the analogy with the suicide bomber in Baghdad, not Dallaire — and besides, the story that the girls involved had Downs’ has been debunked by the U.S. military themselves.

    I’m thinking that some members of this government had better start to think of lawyering-up. Rationalizing violations of international law and war crimes is looking increasingly like a bad choice, kids.

  • One thing about Generals (Dallaire, Hillier, et al) is they don’t get to that position by mincing words. The troops will always support a tough-minded and straight up guy, because those are the only people you can trust in the heat of battle. So it’s always interesting when the weasly-mouthed politicians tangle with the straight-shooting generals. The pols lose – end of story.

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