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Random Sunday night thoughts.

I hope everyone had a Happy Mothers Day today.  My parents and I spent it at my brother’s place today with his family. This is me trying to show my niece Monica pictures of a wild turkey and the sounds it makes, right after we saw one walking in the fields outside my brother’s house. My nephew Michael is more interested in getting his picture taken then wild turkeys.

Also on Mother’s Day, 2 of the crabapple trees at the folks really came out in bloom.

On the political front, does anyone think Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier would have generated such positive commentary or (positive) attention in the French papers if he had gone to France, rather then Governor-General Michaelle Jean?  Check out this under the title, “French Press Enamoured With Governor-General:

Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean charmed French media and even had President Nicolas Sarkozy swooning during a visit to France that also saw a significant shift in relations between the two countries. Jean was officially in France to take part in celebrations marking Quebec City’s 400th anniversary. But the French press soon became enamoured with Canada’s “charming,” “beautiful” and “intelligent” Governor General. One leading newspaper went so far as to dub her an “elegant mix of Lady Diana and Nelson Mandela.” Paris-based newspaper Le Figaro opted instead to gush over her “disarming charm and simplicity. Jean is “the very photogenic multicultural icon of her country,” the paper wrote. Le Monde, another major Paris daily, vaunted her “fairy tale story” of originally coming to Canada as a Haitian refugee.

I don’t think one can shake the feeling Bernier would have somehow managed to cause an international incident if he’d have gone. I’m pleased to see Harper had at least the good sense in this case to not send him. Props to Governor-General Jean for a successful trip.


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