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Book it, bank it!

Obama IS going to be the Democratic candidate for the President of the United States. I’ve been saying that for a while now whenever I came across skeptics or Hillary supporters up here claiming he couldn’t or wouldn’t win the Democratic race, and I think the voting results a couple of days ago should remove all doubt. The mainstream media in the US has come around to that conclusion too, and the TIME front-page article is one example.

He has weathered Jeremiah Wright (twice), and has shown that while he bent a bit, he did not break.  There were predictions by media down south and up here and in some of the blogs that these episodes would finish him, or show his “unelectability”, but he has proved them wrong.  I believe he will prove them wrong again in the Fall campaign.

Once Dems unite behind Obama and focus their vitriol on McCain and expose him for the hypocrite he’s been on many issues, not to mention wanting to stay in Iraq for 100 years or as long as it takes – whatever comes first -  not to mention voters wanting a break from the current administration under a very unpopular President, I think McCain is going to get decisively beaten by Obama. The  congress, I predict,  is also going to elect increased Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress, because of the bad brandname the Republicans have right now, but also because Obama is going to have long coattails for Democratic candidates to use to get elected – particularly out in the Midwest and West.

That will be my new “book it, bank it” statement; I believe both the legislative and executive branch of government will be in solid Democratic hands come the end of that election, with President Obama leading the way. Hopefully by then, not only will we have a progressive government and President in place in Washington DC, but we will have a progressive government in Ottawa as well to compliment him on the things that need to be worked on urgently by North America – global warming/climate change being a key one.

[email protected]:46pm: Some of the bloggers up here like Jason who preferred Hillary are starting to think it’s time for Clinton to step down – moreso because some of the race language she’s bringing into this. Democratic bloggers down south and pundits are also reacting harshly to this. What (the) Clinton(s) is (are) now doing is nothing but destructive politics.


7 comments to Book it, bank it!

  • Ted

    You have to hear the 100 year comment in its full context Scott. The far left has taken you for a ride on that one. McCain has a reputation for straight talk, he is not going to promise Obama nonsense like ripping up NAFTA with fingers crossed behind his back.(memories of Chretien)
    Having said that, it SHOULD be the year for a Democratic in the White House. A unpopular war in Iraq, high gas prices, a economic slowdown all spell a Republican defeat, but if any one can defy the trend it is the President America has been waiting for, John McCain.

  • The speech that Obama gave in Raleigh NC the other night should dispel any doubts that people may have about his ability to do the job. America may very well be entering a “fourth turning” and a fresh perspective like his is just what his country — and the world — needs for the coming global crisis.

  • Scott

    Who’s claiming that, I said it was over yesterday??

  • Just one thing moving forward, or some advice for Obama. I hope he doesn’t embrace this “100 crap” with McCain. There isn’t one person in the media that hasn’t trashed this talking point, it was clearly taken out of context, and when you see the entire quote, it was basically using Korea and Germany as examples of prolonged presence, not WAR. The Dems can hammer McCain on his Iraq stance, without fabricating this nonsense, which will ultimately backfire.

  • Steve:

    For all intents and purposes, he is the “presumptive nominee”. Anyone still trying to claim this is a race is engaging in wishful thinking.

  • ” I think the voting results a couple of days ago should remove all doubt.”

    Just win baby!

  • tdwebste

    Off Topic:

    Sorry Tim, you’re right.. this IS off-topic, and not the place for it. – Scott

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