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Liberals setup the Victory Fund, encourages netroots/grassroots participation.

Everyone knows that for the past couple of years, the Conservatives have been far and away the best of the political parties at getting contributions from their party members and others under the new campaign financing rules. The Liberals have been playing catchup for quite awhile.  Much of this was due to the fact that the party at one time relied heavily on corporate donations and not enough from the individual party members, and it has struggled to find a way to tap individual contributions. I think you’ll find with a bit of research that CPC members donate far more to their own party’s coffers then LPC members do.

There has been debate why that is, and I’m sure it will continue, but today the Liberals announced the first step in trying to remedy that financial gap with the Conservatives with the formation of The Victory Fund, which the LPC hopes will a) make it easier for LPC members to contribute, and b) motivate them to contribute.

I’ve added a new logo to my one sidebar where my logos reside – you’ll see it’s called If you click on it, you’ll see it goes to a link where you have a lot of easy ways to donate.  I’ve noted these popping up at many other Liblogs sites, so perhaps the LPC’s efforts at getting more grassroots involvement is getting noticed and embraced by Liberal bloggers – many who have been asking for more netroots/grassroots involvement for the past couple of years.

Victory Fund


2 comments to Liberals setup the Victory Fund, encourages netroots/grassroots participation.

  • It’s not a bad idea, I’ll give it that. It doesn’t have the immediacy of big-money donations, but the advantage is that it’s steady and reliable, and has the “fire and forget” element that makes direct deposit so compelling for other things. People can sign up, and probably not even notice the ten or twenty dollars that’s coming out of their account every month.

    (And if they do, it’s usually more trouble than it’s worth to stop donating, so they’ll just keep it going anyway!)

  • Ted

    The reason why the Conservatives have more individual contributions is because of the Reform roots, not the old PC side. The Reformers were truly grass roots who got zilch from big buisness. The Liberal and PC parties were establishment to the core.

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