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More on the potential controlling aspect that Harper and the Privy Council Office (PCO) wish to………

All your posts are belong to us

Oh, and Happy World Press Freedom Day!


3 comments to Harper (CENSORED)

  • … But I know you know the difference… Heck, a “dick” tator is still a “dick” tator…

  • Nice graphic and post… ROTFL… Still laughing… But methinks your “political poles” are reversed. Rather than Communist police state, these guys are more to the fascist leaning… LOL>.. So, Herr Kommandant may be more fitting than Commissar… LOL… Conservatives – right wing, New Democrats – left wing…

  • Mound of Sound

    Goooday. I am Ivan Ivanovich, Internet Commissar of the Office of Prime Minister, the dreaded PMO, of Comrade Harperchev. I must demand that you remove thees hatrocious grafik from your zite. You are beink vatched. Be very, very careful.

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