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Naive Con Kool-Aid drinkers takes Pierre Polivere’s statements as the Gospel

So, Christian Conservative is valiantly trying to go with the notion that somehow Elections Canada is picking on the poor Conservatives and is biased/full of Liberal moles/hates free speech, etc etc. etc.

The impression I get from his blogpiece is that apparently Pierre Poilievre under the cover of parliamentary immunity quoted out of Hansard is an authoritative source for that theory.

Let me help you out Christian Con; Pierre P. is NOT a credible source. He’s been the point man on this for the Cons. since this scandal started, and neither do the media believe him outside of the National Post editors, nor do the overwhelming majority of Canadians believe him. Elections Canada is a world-wide respected federal agency helping to observe elections everywhere and help other countries with making sure their own elections will run fairly, and now the Cons. and their Kool-Aid supporters are trying to advance the theory to the Canadian public that they’re biased and not credible? Yea, that will work.

Secondly, In-and-out isn’t about advertising, and it’s not about restricting free speech (which the Cons. are bleating all over the place on the airwaves but curiously left that argument out of their lawsuit – interesting that.) It’s about attempting to circumvent the existing election laws to spend more money then they are legally allowed.

THAT is the reason they’re charged by EC with violating elections laws; they’ve been deemed by EC to have violated the election spending limits, while the other parties have been looked over and have been ruled to be fine – not because of some wild-eyed tin-hat conspiracy theory that the federal agency is full of Liberals/NDP’ers/CBC staff members trying to screw the Conservative Party of Canada (Did I mention that the current and previous EC chief electoral officer have both been appointed by Conservative governments? Yes, I did, but here it is again in case you missed it the 1st time around).

I hope I’ve cleared up Christian Cons. confusion on this matter. Do I expect it to help? Not really; there isn’t a federal agency out there that Cons. supporters don’t think have bogeymen hiding behind their doors.


6 comments to Naive Con Kool-Aid drinkers takes Pierre Polivere’s statements as the Gospel

  • Uh.. Mike.. read the poll #’s a bit more carefully. 58% disbelieve the Cons. – only 26% believe them.


    Let me make it simpler for you to understand – only 26% believe them, as compared to 36% who voted for them the last election.

    I’ll take the 58% in a general election if you don’t want it Mike. I’ll even give the Cons the 26% of Canadians vote that do believe them. It will serve the same purpose – a crushing defeat.

    Try reading the link a bit better before you comment next time, Mike. It will make you look less silly. (You’ll also see the pollster calls it “overwhelming #’s” if you bother to read).

  • Mike Harris

    Geez call 58% an OVERWHELMING majority? That is just over half?? My self and I’m sure a MAJORITY of people would call anything over and this is my own thought..say 75% a overwhelming majority!

  • Walkswithcoffee

    Money Laundering and Free Speech have nothing to do with each other. They are two entirely different activities.

  • I saw two journalists on CPAC last night – I can’t remember the name of one of them, but one was Elizabeth Thompson – both said that they followed up on Polievres claims – he is definately miseleading people.

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    GEEZ Mike, the article on the poll is a whole TWO CLICKS away from this post and you couldn’t be bothered???

    Here. Is that better?

    58% of Canadians don’t believe that the Tories did nothing wrong. A whopping 26% do.

  • Mike Harris

    Scott…..good blog(ya) but i would like to see the data that you claim the majority of canadains? did you perhaps mean the majority of canadian liberals that you talk to?

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