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Things the last 2 Chief Electoral Officers have in common.

Both Marc Mayrand and his predecessor Jean-Pierre Kingsley have incurred difficulty with Stephen Harper.

Both of them have had disputes with the current Conservative Party.

And most importantly, both of them were appointed during Conservative governments – Maynard by the current government, and Jean-Pierre Kingsley in 1990 while Brian Mulroney was Prime Minister.

So, neither Conservative Kool-Aid drinkers nor Harper nor his parrots like Pierre Poilivere can be painting these two as “Liberal appointees” out to get them. Maybe, just maybe, they’re objective when it comes to upholding Canada’s election laws and know when a party is doing something in contravention of the Elections Act, regardless of who it is, the laws need to be upheld.


8 comments to Things the last 2 Chief Electoral Officers have in common.

  • Bigmac in the north

    Scott Tribe is still a Liberal supporter?
    The Liberals only need to go back to history (like 15 years ago up to 2 years ago to see what these assholes did to us working people in tax increases, screwed up policies,that cost us billions with little or no return and put us in debt that our great great grandchildren will still be paying off. If Scott Tribe had another brain he would still be a halfwit – > WAKE UP and start smelling the roses instead of the stench of the Liberal party for the 50 years they were in power Or have you forgotten the HRDC, adscam, Home heating fiasco, Toronto airport scandal, Harbouring Nazi war criminals in Canada, coastal fisheries scandal, the APEC scandal, Free Trade scandal which the Fiberals said they would cancel, The GST scandal where PM ‘Creation’ said he would cancell, Pay equity scandal where women workers were paid less that their male conterparts all under Liberal rule,The scandal of bankrolling taxpayers dollars to wealthy corporations, The multi-million dollar surplus scandals for years that the Fiberals accumulated and pissed “down the drain”. The scandal of awarding contracts to Liberal friendly corporations and businessmen without tendering, The scandal of our military personnel arriving in Afghanistan with GREEN camouflage battle dress in a desert surrounding making them clay pidgeons for the Taliban sharpshooters, the scandal of a two billion dollar “gun registery” that was supposed to cost us around a couple of hundred thousand tax dollars,and the criminal element in Canada still getting black market guns by the truckload. The scandal of PM ‘Creation’ spending 100 million dollars for two luxry jets for the bigwig Liberals to scamper around the world in when the military said they were not required, and I can go on and on. These first class idiots need to be retired for a long long time. once again WAKE UP, while you still have a “half a brain”

  • zoop

    John W, you’ve been mislead. The draft discussion paper was 1) issued by Privy Council Office, NOT the Prime Minister’s Office, 2) does NOT propose independent arms-length officers like the Auditor General coordinate their public communications with PCO, much less the PMO.

  • Now they want to bring Sheila Fraser under the PMO communications censorship umbrella.

    AECL.Elections Canada, Official Languages, Privacy, but the Auditor General? Sheila Fraser, Saint Sheila?

    This could get interesting.

  • Colin

    Maybe Im blind, maybe Liberals have found the missing 60 seats.

    But Quebec is status quo or more CPC, Ont will elect conservatives outside your Toronto fortress and out west the Liberals are a joke.

    Taxes are down, Liberals are being replaced on the Supreme Court…life is good out west and its our turn to inject some sense into our federal institutions.

    Too much gravy train Liberalism will bankrupt a country. There is a reason Americans switch parties regularly. Its to restore balance.

    Gayle: Should he just abandon the field to Liberal lies? I know Ralphie G would like that, but cmon, its called response.

  • Gayle

    Now Scott, don’t be silly. They criticized Harper – of COURSE they are biased.

    As for Colin, Wilson et al…if this is going no where, then why is it Poilievre is out there spinning this for all he is worth? Just wondering…

  • Hey Colin, the gun registry is actually seen as a good thing in the cities and the police departments out there. If right-wing rural rednecks out West don’t like it, I’m prepared to lose their vote, since they never would vote anything but Conservative in the first place.

    As for the other stuff, ancient history, Colin.. it’s YOUR party thats been in power now for 2 years. People aren’t going to give the Cons. a pass on this because you guys say “the Liberals were worse!”

    As for not moving votes long-term, apparently this poll seems to suggest otherwise. Combine that with the other control-freak policies Harper does with independent bodies, plus running down the policies that he has that are bad for Canada, and the effect is cumulative for Harper losing an election.

    Really Colin, you and your Cons Kool-Aid parrots need to think up a few independent thoughts or 2, plus a few new ones. You’re getting boring.

  • Colin

    this will not move any votes in the long term.

    scandal mongering is bad strategy for the party of Adscam. The public doesnt forget that quickly. Not to mention HRDC, the gun registry and shawinigate.

    Does the LPC have any policies? Other than grabbing power back to re-start the Liberal gravy train that feeds supporters with public service jobs?

  • but, but, but AdScam,…

    but, but, but all political parties do it

    but, but, but they tip off the liberals, who got there ahead of the media

    but, but, but free speech

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