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Conservatives declare no confidence in a federal institution.

With regards to the Bloc Quebecois Motion that stated more or less roughly in translation  asking “That this House express its complete confidence in Elections Canada and the Federal Elections Commissioner”, the motion passed as expected, but the Conservatives apparently don’t share the sentiment, as they unbelievably voted against this. The final vote was 152 – 117, for those keeping track.

So I guess the question that needs to be asked is will the Conservatives boycott the next election?  I mean, they obviously think Elections Canada and its commissioner (the Conservative – appointed commissioner I might add) is unfair and biased against them, with the “in and out” ruling going against them, so  how can they participate in a biased election with an apparently biased federal agency?

I have a suggestion Conservatives: do a mass resignation now in protest, and let someone else be government.

[email protected]:21pm: Andrew Potter over at Macleans sarcastically wonders if its time to bring in the UN election observer teams, since the Conservative government apparently has no confidence in its federal agency that runs elections.

UPDATE [email protected]:32pm: This is a headline that just thrills me to death to see: Harper Tories Vote Non-Confidence In Elections Canada. And the part of this newstory that amuses me to no end are these 2 parts:

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have refused to join in a parliamentary show of confidence in Elections Canada, the independent watchdog charged with ensuring electoral fairness and honesty..The organization also trains election officials around the world and has monitored contentious votes in places like Haiti, Iraq and Ukraine.

The implication being that Haiti, Iraq and the Ukraine and other countries trusts Elections Canada to be fair, but our own Canadian government doesn’t. OUCH!


11 comments to Conservatives declare no confidence in a federal institution.

  • Angelle

    I have decided a long time ago, that I will not be intimidated. I will only give more than a passing attention to such small minded people like Colin when they can converse with me intelligently French, German and or English.
    English is my second language, and my ancestors arrived in Canada in 1635, and were fundamental in building this country. Lke I have told my brothers, all seven of them.
    “Mon chère petit garçon, suck it up, have another beer and get yourself an attitude check,just maybe you have or misplaced a pair.:

  • Colin, would you care to stop insulting my commentators? There are plenty of Cons blogs for you to go and demean people. My site won’t be one of them.

  • Colin

    perhaps the previous poster would like to make a coherent point in English.

    Probably cant for that matter.

    The scariest possibility for the Liberals is for the courts to prove the conservatives right.

    Talk about eating crow.

    Bugger off ti-shit youre not worth the effort.

  • Angelle

    The next vote of confidence will not be abouth any of the media, but will be taken by the people when the time is right to made sure that the Harper and his conservitives are so dimished in the eyes of the voters that they will never form the majority that they think is their god given right above all else.
    Everyone has to right to chalenge rulings, but to chips away at our demoractic institution is wrong on all levels.
    To do so with such arrogance and disdain as we say today can only lead to defeat.
    I am willing to wait to cast my vote of confidence in the next election not matter because nothing the Conservitive can say or do will make me question Election Canada as it is the one of hte institution that I can trust, as well as the judicial system which always reminds me that I live in a democacy.
    As for the conservitives, they have spent it all, the money, the good will and reputation that Canada held in the world ….incompetence and arrogance knows no boundary.

  • Tom Robinson

    “Tom Robinson’s a hideously vulgar conservative troll.”

    There is a flip side to that,

    ” Ti-Guy is a hideously vulgar Leftist trool”.

    I guess we’re both right.

  • I guess some people are having a good laugh about this but me I’m just sadenned that this government keeps killing our country’s international reputation and undermining faith in our institutions.

    I know this government is digging in its heels with Elections Canada and all but it would have been so hard for them to just vote in favour of the motion and say “Yes we have faith in the organization, we just have a legal disagreement with them”? Instead the kinds of headlines the Conservatives’ actions are generating send an absolutely terrible message to Canadians and the international community who has put its trust in Elections Canada (which has had an impeccable record and reputation to date). Harper has a lot of explaining to do to be sure.

    My main consolation is that stunts like this will only contribute to the Conservatives’ loss in the next election (and the thought of that at least makes me smile).

  • Ti-Guy

    Tom Robinson’s a hideously vulgar conservative troll.

  • Tom Robinson

    I think the House should do a vote of confidence on the CBC.

    That would be another great specatacle to see.

    The Liberals after 13 years in power have infiltrated the courtrooms, the government institutions and the people on the left who have no brains and still do not demand where the 100 million that was stolen is located.

    Scott, where did your heroes put that 100 million?

  • I wonder who the public would have more confidence in: Elections Canada or the Conservative Party? The answer is probably a foregone conclusion.

    By the way, I don’t know how you can seriously say the Conservatives “unbelievably voted against this”… Shouldn’t that read “predictably”?

  • Call the Iraqi government and tell them their observers were biased.

    They need to re-do their elections pronto!

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