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Keep it up, Diane. You’re doing the work for us.

Rural areas in the SW part of Ontario tend to traditionally vote Conservative. The riding of Haldimand-Norfolk is one of those mostly rural areas that tends to follow that pattern, though it was held for a while by Liberal Bob Speller.

Turning your back on this part of the county’s voters is however a no-no, traditional Conservative area or not.  The local issue of tobacco farming buyouts – or the lack therof and the disinterest local MP and Immigration Minister Diane FInley and the Cons. are showing over this – will play a much larger role in this riding then any national issue.  At the rate she’s going at offending and angering her rural constituents here, particularly her tobacco farmer constituents by refusing to meet with them and then citing conflicting reasons for not showing up (her office said “security reasons”, FInley herself said it was “an inappropriate forum” to meet them).

Mrs. Finley is making things a lot easier to return Haldimand-Norfolk to the Liberals next election, under the candidacy of Dr. Eric Hoskins. In fact, I’ll be so bold now for the first time in believing that county is a real opportunity for a Liberal gain in an area that hasn’t been friendly to them the past 2 elections.


3 comments to Keep it up, Diane. You’re doing the work for us.

  • It may not be farmers fault that less people are smoking, but shouldn’t that in itself be a good indication that your days may be numbered as purely a tobacco farmer?

    Anyhow, its never a good idea to forget that you serve at the pleasure of your ridings voters….

    What was her margin of victory in 2004/2006?

  • My guess is that the Conservatives will pin the blame for the farmers’ woes on a regulatory decision made by the Liberals a number of years ago. Specifically, the industry was forced to spend tons of money it already didn’t have to update the flue curing stacks (those sheds with the smokestacks coming out of them that are so ubiquitous in Delhi and Norfolk) to a design that cured the tobacco in such a way as to reduce the risk of fires from people smoking in bed.

    Sorry, but that argument doesn’t wash.

    While some farmers have diversified and are also growing other crops such as ginseng, it’s not their fault (or of those farmers who haven’t) that people in Canada and the United States continue to quit smoking.

    Nor is it their fault that the Ontario Flue Cured Marketing Board continues to refuse to allow Six Nations to purchase tobacco for the brands made on reserve and sold worldwide as well as to non-natives who visit the reserve. That one move alone would give farmers a terribly needed shot in the arm. Instead, the reserve sends its money for tobacco purchases out of the country for other people’s benefit. McGuinty may be partly to blame on this one, but Finley should have been advocating for the farmers on this one too.

    It’s more of the same from Finley who was totally uncompassionate on the issue of land reclamation in Caledonia either to those on the reserve or those off of it. The Douglas Creek issue should have been settled two years ago and not let to stretch this long. She botched the child care file (or lack of it), she’s screwing up immigration (some of my friends have horror stories to tell, let alone the proposed reforms she’s trying to push through) and now she’s shafting her constituents, again. Telling the farmers off by saying if they sue talks are off is not the way to be negotiating.

    Makes me glad she’s not MY MP. My sense was she was already in trouble, but this may be the last and welcome straw.

  • Matt Arnold

    I heard Hoskins speak at the OYL AGM, and that man deserves to be in parliament. Great speaker, enthusiastic, and has lived through terrible things in his life. A great inspiration for people.

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