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The Liberals plot revealed

This originally got shown first at CalgaryGrit, but I think it’s so good that I’m going to reproduce it over here to show that the secret plans of the Liberals to undermine the Conservative Government has been exposed, and how they’re doing it.

Top Secret!

I expect to see Pierre Poilievre breathlessly release this at the next news conference he holds exposing this “conspiracy”.


5 comments to The Liberals plot revealed

  • Ottlib

    Colin, don’t be a fool.

    There were over 700 pages of evidence in the affidavit that supported the warrant. That document has been released to the public and there is enough there for anybody to see that no judge would have been able to turn down the request for a warrant.

    Elections Canada was very thorough and painstaking in their investigation and they successfully presented probably cause.

    But Colin, if being suspicious of the judiciary gets you through the night have at her.

  • Colin

    Would anyone like to comment on the need to travel to Toronto to find a judge to sign the warrant?

    A judge who has made political donations to the Liberals in the past?

  • *YAWN*

    IF you don’t like my blogging, Mike, you don’t have to come here and read here.

    Want things made better? If found guilty of breaking elections law, I hope Elections Canada bars the 67 candidates from running again as punishment – and that would include several Harper cabinet ministers. That would stop any further elections hanky-panky.

  • Mike Harris

    Scott. I just dont what to say about this. Why dont you become the national campaign organizer for the federal liberals when an election is called? It could be entertaining as you seem to have no real agenda on how to make things better, you just sling mud and crap!

  • Rob

    The only problem is the inclusion of Chantal Hebert as part of the socialist media loop. I’m pretty sure she’s not in our camp. Octopi, yes; Chantal, no.

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