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Worse spokesperson ever? Au contraire! WE WANT PIERRE!

Darren seems to think “Pipsqueak” Pierre Poilievre is the worse spokesperson the Cons. could choose to defend the “in-and-out” scandal enveloping them.

I think quite the opposite, or at least look at it from a different angle. He’s the best spokesperson us non-Cons could have thrown out there to try and spout off Cons talking points on the in-and-out issue.

I for one hope the PMO keeps sending him out there, because he certainly won’t be the one to put this fire out and/or convince people there’s some grand conspiracy between Elections Canada, the Liberals, the CBC, the Russians, the Mafia, the Martians, or whoever else they decide to blame – certainly not when he goes on to media shows like Don Newman’s show and utters the phrase “So what!” to what the Cons. did, when even certain Cons. candidates refused to do it or thought it smelled bad.

We should all be cheering at the top of our lungs:


[email protected]:00AM: A reader points me to the audio clip of Pierre on Charles Adler’s show as mentioned at Warren’s site, where he was made to look and sound foolish. More of this please. Keep sending him out there!


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