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Another day, another Cons scandal.

Maybe the Cons. are trying to do so many scandals at once, they’ll hope Canadians throw up their hands and not care about what they’re doing anymore, or lose track of them, or something.

Here’s the latest one:

The federal ethics watchdog is investigating a sole-source contract Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office awarded to a well-connected Conservative…Flaherty has admitted his office broke government contracting rules in hiring Hugh MacPhie to help write last year’s budget speech and provide advice on how to sell the document. MacPhie, who had written speeches for former Ontario Tory premier Mike Harris, was awarded the $122,000 contract without tender. Treasury Board rules generally require a bidding process for contracts worth $25,000 or more.

I could repeat my request to the Liberals to please throw these guys out, but I don’t want to sound shrill, so I won’t say that. I will say an election ad with all these scandals the Cons. are embroiled in with the “Things That Make You Go Hmmm..” song playing in the background would be a nice touch.


7 comments to Another day, another Cons scandal.

  • Colin

    These little so called scandals really dont resonate with the average voter.

    The Liberals were finally thrown out when the electorate got tired of them.

    Inflating stuff like this to the scale of FULL BLOWN SCANDAL just makes you sound desperate.

    Try to raise the level a tiny bit and keep Marlene Jennings off of TV. Most of the country cringes when she speaks.

    Her self righteousness is second only to every shrill harpy in the NDP and thats not a good comparison.

  • Cara

    Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Colin neglects to mention that Earnscliffe has links to the Conservative party. January 22, 2008 an article in the Saskatoon paper says that Yaroslav Baran a “high-powered lobbyist at Earnscliffe” is joining Jay Hill office. Oh, and Baran is the fellow who tried to link Paul Martin to child pornography.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, direct from 100 Queen Street and the CPC headquarters, Colin!

    Lets all have a big hand for the disinformation troll, shall we?

    **clap clap clap**

    Thanks Colin, say hi to Ryan Sparrow won’t ya?

    I mean, unless he’s already jetted out of the office via the stairs and the fire escape.

  • Lord Kitchener's Own

    It’s great you know. The Tories used to say they weren’t corrupt. Then it was like the argument became that they were 90% less corrupt than the Liberals. Then 80%… Then 70%… Then every time something new came up it was OK, because the Liberals used to do it.

    Pretty soon the official party slogan will be “Sure we’re scumbags, but we’re 1% less scummy than the last guys! Vote CPC!”

  • Colin

    Awww, the widdle grecian urn thinks he’s clever.

    Enjoy your stay in opposition folks…it’s gonna be a long one if this is all you’ve got.

  • Awww, da widdle troll is hamfistedly trying to change the channel while simultaneously “yawn”ing.

    They’re almost cute, aren’t they?

  • Colin

    Thanks for your effort in exposing this massive scandal. I am sure that it will rock canadian democracy to its core.

    When you have some free time you could examine the relationship between Earnscliffe and the Liberal party, specifically focusing on the relationship with Paul Martin.

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