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You know the Conservatives are in trouble..

..when Antonio of Fuddle Duddle starts to blog over at his site that the possibility of a Dion-led Liberal victory in the next election is very real to him now. He can’t get away completely from the cheap shots (ie. calling Dion’s win at the Liberal convention accidental) but nobody’s perfect.

Also, a hat-tip to Steve for seeing this story which mentions that the affidavit names Patrick Muttart, the prime minister’s deputy chief of staff, and Lawrence Cannon, the current Transport Minister, as people who were consulted in the regional media buys that first got Elections Canada suspicious. Whoops.

Also, I noted Kady O’Malley is going through the entire affidavit, and she calls what she’s seen so far “potentially devastating supporting evidence”


3 comments to You know the Conservatives are in trouble..

  • M

    If Harper is trying to imitate the Chinese news agency, Xinhua, there is a crack in his firewall. By inviting only selected media to an answer and question session, he can be accused of censorship. Harper, the government does not control the media. There is free speech in Canada.

  • janfromthebruce

    I agree wholeheartly with 14636. tdwebste post. It’s really difficult to speak truth to power and those holding your “arms length position” in the palms of their greasy hands.

    Make no mistake, these bureacrats are taking lots of heat and may end up as scapegoats, as this plays out.

  • tdwebste

    Elections Canada are the true heroes. We are very fortunate to have them. It will be a very sad day if in the end an election is not called and the Conservatives are able to avoid justice by defacing Elections Canada.

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