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Bananas anyone?

Monday mornings are usually pretty slow as it comes to discussing Canadian politics; that is not the case today. For as everyone who is politically inclined knows, the Conservatives tried to do a selective press conference with those they deemed friendly to them in the media in order to get their “spin” out on the search warrant details being released as to why Elections Canada raided Conservative Party HQ for documents (as an aside, I wonder how Tonda MacCharles of the Toronto Star feels, knowing that the Cons. invited her to this event because they felt she was friendly to them).

That bone-headed plan went out to lunch when other members of the media found out about this and did an old-fashioned stakeout of the meeting room where the Cons were putting on their spin of being oppressed by Elections Canada, resulting in these amusing scenes of Conservative officials fleeing reporters down a fire exit stairwell.

So, what are my observations on this?

First, this search warrant was approximately 700 pages. I don’t know of too many frivolous search warrants that would be 700 pages long.

Secondly, the judge(s) who authorized this search warrant obviously thought it was justified to proceed (I hear it’s the Supreme Court of Ontario who ruled this search warrant could go ahead, but I’ll need to see if I can find confirmation of that). So, does that mean we will now see Ryan Sparrow and Doug Finley attacking those Ontario judges as being unfair partisan Liberal mole meanies?

Third – I note with amusement how the Cons. all of a sudden have gone from this merely being a “visit” to describing the party HQ as being “stormed”, and the search as being “over the top”. I’m with Impolitical on this one; if they really think that, argue that in a court of law and publicly, not in a private press briefing where you say stuff only when the media you’re talking with will guarantee your anonymity (unfortunately for those officials, the uninvited media were under no such agreement, so to remind people who made all these statements, they named them).

Lastly, there are some serious allegations Elections Canada is making here, and some pretty bad looking evidence of the Cons. behaviour in these emails. As Pat Martin of the NDP notes, this overspending if found true, means “that $1 million frankly could have bought the election,”.

Do I need to re-state to you all (and to my Liberal friends in particular) my position that we need to bring this government down? As another blogger noted, between this and all the other shenanigans the Cons. are doing while in government, Canada is becoming like a banana republic, except we can’t grow bananas here.

Above and beyond all their wrong policies and decisions, when you add this and other things like CadmanGate and interfering with independent regulators, It’s time to stop this nonsense – let’s go to the people and ask them in an election campaign what they think of the Cons. policies and antics. I’m confident they will reject it.

UPDATE: This is an important point made in the Globe and Mail which Jeff noticed over at his blog:

According to the CTV report, the affidavit handed out by the party does not reveal much more about the case than was known already. But it does confirm that the search was not related to a lawsuit launched against Elections Canada by the Conservatives after the Elections Commissioner had begun an investigation of the scheme.

So much for that Cons. talking point. That should be brought up in QP over and over again.


6 comments to Bananas anyone?

  • Powell Lucas

    Gayle has the right slant on this thing. It doesn’t matter whether or not the Conservatives are fighting Elections Canada over some arcane legal interpretation. I didn’t vote Tory just to elect crooks that are better dressed than Liberal crooks. Creative accounting is just another term for stealing. That’s my money they’re playing fast and loose with, and I resent it.
    The Rinocerous Party has just gained another vote

  • Gayle

    Mike – whether or not charges are laid and the CPC is convicted, you really should be concerned about the way they exploited a “loophole” in order to claim about 800 thousand taxpayer dollars.

  • Mike Harris

    Sorry…forgot to say that I do agree that if the COns are found guiltyin a court of law of anywrong doings is this affair then yes we should have a vote.

  • Mike Harris

    After reading this I had to go check the news because i thought i had missed the trial? Cmon guys. I know you guys are all excited because you may have finally got something to stick but remember-innocent till proven guilty. All there is right now is allegations. Scott. I thought you hated the NDp and now you quote them? And your comment about QP? I awlays thought that QP was for conducting business that is in the interest and good of Canadains. I think there should be a law passed that any mudslinging and commenting of any kind that is not official govt business by ANY PARTY in QP is subject to huge fines..that way they may actually accomplish something good!

  • Jeremy

    “the judge(s) who authorized this search warrant obviously thought it was justified to proceed … So, does that mean we will now see Ryan Sparrow and Doug Finley attacking those Ontario judges as being unfair partisan Liberal mole meanies?”

    This is the next logical step in the argument.

    I repeat,

    Are the judges who authorized the search warrant also partisan liberal moles?

    I repeat…

  • squirm, squirm, what a lovely treat for a Monday morning….here I missed it all yesterday with my head buried in reams of data correction…..

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