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This is a repeat post.. but I don’t care..

The good news for Habs fans is: they found a way to score more then 1 goal. The bad news is their supposed goalie phenom all of a sudden can’t stop anything. One more game to lose, and the hated Habs are gone, along with the Senators, in the first round.

You can make your jibes about the Leafs, but when you lose in the first round, particularly when you’re the first place team, you might as well have not gotten into the playoffs.

The team I\'m cheering for (temporarily)



7 comments to This is a repeat post.. but I don’t care..

  • Leo

    You don’t understand Scott. Even if the Habs lose in 4, they still did much better than anybody expected. The fact that they went further than the Sens is extraordinary. The fact that they went further than the Leafs is not really an accomplishment, but it gives us bragging right.

  • The Habs bubble is going to burst very soon, Leo. This round.

  • Leo

    Yes, we’re going far. After virtually every pundit predicted our team wouldn’t even make the playoffs, we ended up first in our division, first in our conference, and we are now at least going to the second round of the playoffs. Its definitely something to cheer about. Why not post about the Leafs? Oh, right…

  • Whoop de doo.. you beat the 8th place team in 7 games… Yea.. you’re going far! :)\

  • Sorry what was that you were saying?

    I couldn’t hear you, cuz the crowd at the Bell Centre was cheering too loud.


    Bite me when you are done with Red…

  • 67 Forever

    After all, no Stanley Cup champion has ever been forced to go 7 games.

    Shesh – gloat after they lose. Doing before just looks tacky.

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