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Making mincemeat of Blogging Tory conspiracy theories.

2 tips of the cap to Kady O’Malley today. The first is for taking apart wanna-be-sleuth Steve Janke’s latest attempt to try and prove that Elections Canada has Liberal moles in it out to get the Cons.

The 2nd tip is for her more general blogpost to Blogging Tories and suspicious Conservatives everywhere telling them that their conspiracy theory that Elections Canada, the Liberals, the CBC, and the RCMP are all involved in a grand plot to try and take down the Cons, is um, stupid:

Try to understand that I’m saying this with love, guys: It’s an insane, stupid theory. No one – no one – outside the ultralibertarian wing of your party, the one made up of Reform holdovers and National Citizen Coalition founding members, is ever going to believe that Elections Canada – Elections Canada, for heaven’s sake – is but a tentacle of the nefarious and omnipotent Liberal Party, which, to take that thesis to its natural, if demented conclusion, has managed to seize control of our very machinery of democracy, yet still is perpetually short of cash, lost the last election, and don’t even get them started on Quebec.

Stupid AND insane used in the same blogpost to describe this tin-hat theory. Very well done.


8 comments to Making mincemeat of Blogging Tory conspiracy theories.

  • AJ

    People are missing the REALLY OBVIOUS when they talk about the CBC having some sort of an inside source. If you go to the website and look at the Conservative HQ in Ottawa and then look at the location of the CBC news building? You’ll notice they are around 500 meters apart!

    So how hard do you really think it was for the CBC to get a reporter and a Camera man on the scene????

  • Mike Harris

    I agree with yout point OTTLIB that this would have broken no matter what..and that is does look bad for the conservatives..and like i said IF any wrong doings happened they deserve whatever punishment comes there way for whomever committed the wrong doing. the bias is there in the press. mcleans mag and the globe are perfect examples. you read these if you want a totally liberal view of the world. and this site is biased but that is scotts right as he runs it. I am not shocked that i dont see anything on here about a former liberal being charged this week in ADSCAM? I wil admit that i am a conservative supporter but i always look at everything in BLACK AND WHITE. To me there is no grey areas.

  • Ottlib

    It is amazing that anybody gives any credence to the questions regarding the Liberals and media presence at the RCMP raid.

    For the love of crumb cake the Mounties were in the Conservative Party offices for three days. Whether the media arrived within 15 minutes of the RCMP arrival or 15 hours this story would have broken and we would have seen great pictures of mounties taking away boxes of documents from the CPC offices.

    This is nothing more than deflection by the Conservatives. The optics of this raid are terrible and they know it. They have the potential to cost the Conservatives a great deal. So, they are trying desperately to deflect attention away from the raid.

    Will it work? To a certain extent probably. Enough to make a difference? That remains to be seen.

  • Mike Harris

    ok..I am going to jump in on this just to try and get you all to look at it from a totally unbiased opinion. you all have some good points but lets face it. there are many unanswered questions on BOTH sides here. first if going back to the beginning of this the conservatives had done something wrong during the election then they deserve to get there hands slapped with whatever punishment comes there way. we must all remember that this is just under investigation so automatically presuming they are guilty is wrong. this is canada folks_innocent until proven guilty. secong as far as speculating about how who found out and who is to blame for getting this started is just mud slinging. lets face it. if you had a totally biased liberal reporter and a totally biased conservative reporter right on the scene when this all went down both recording and taping every second ccome the six oclock news you would have two totally different stories being reported. the problem with todays press is that there are no unbiased reporters giving us the real story. there is always some angle that they have to present to spin it the way they want the public to see it. example is the word RAID. unless the conservatives were blocking the doors denying access to the HQ i would hardly call it a raid..i do believe they did let them in even though they didnt have a choice with the warrent and all. time will tell in how this all plays out but untill then do we all have to spin and twist things on how we who read these blogs to suit our own personal agendas?

  • Yes, the really important part of the story Kid, what were the Liberal doing there? I guess a side issue might be, what were the RCMP DOING THERE?

    Scott, when this broke, the Tories were silent, they had nothing, the bloggers ignored it all. Then head office came up with this diversion, which they’ve all seized upon, they’ve found their voices. It plays to a natural paranoia, everyone is conspiring against them. The more they talk about this, the more it shows they can’t deal with the substance. It reminds me of the “doctored tape” defence, or Baird’s reaction to scientists criticizes, saying they are “Liberals”. It’s all nonsense.

  • Prairie Kid

    So let me get this straight Scott. You are telling me that some Liberal was watching CBC and heard that the Conservative Headquarters were going to be raided, then a Liberal camera crew just happened to be in his office waiting to film something, then everybody rushed 2 blocks to the Conservative Headquarters just in time to see an RCMP officer knocking on the Conservative Party’s door? Is that what you’re asking me to believe? And how come CBC would know about this even before any other media? Are they so astute that they are able to scoop a story before it’s even happening?

  • Try not to be so silly Cliff. The Liberals have already answered that (and also did so in Question Period when the Con ministers were all bemoaning this); they saw it on CBC when the news broke and rushed a camera crew down there, 2 blocks away. I know many Cons. don’t watch CBC news, but Liberals do. As for the CBC breaking the story, as Kady says, that was called journalism.

    Try to take your tin-foil hat off, Cliff.. it’s hurting your capacity to be rational.

  • Cliff

    Well…I guess the question to ask is why were the CBC and Liberals standing on the doorstep with cameras waiting for the RCMP….the Liberals have refused to answer that question….and secondly why did Election Canada officials initiate this warrant the day before they were to testify under oath about with regards to the civil suit launched by the Conservatives. What are they afraid of and what do they have to hide? I believe most reasonable people will find these fact a little more then just coincidence.
    It is not unreasnable to believe that this may be an overzealous Liberal Bureaucrat.

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