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Election thoughts.

I find it interesting that one of the chief critics of Dion and the Liberals in the media is now counselling that he should not force an election in June in her latest column. Apparently, it’s better not to force an election because they won’t win on the immigration issue, and work on the environment instead through the summer.

I keep saying this: bringing down the government on one particular issue doesn’t mean that it will be the only issue talked about for a 6 week election campaign. The environment can certainly be talked about (and would be talked about) during an election campaign, as will other issues, so I don’t really buy the theory you can only bring down the Cons. on a specific issue.

Regardless, if the Liberals did follow Chantal’s advice, they’d face a loss of support from the immigrant community – one of their chief political supporters, and Chantal’s companions in the media would again be all over the Liberals for backing down on core principles. I also don’t buy the premise from her that somehow this will tip Quebec ridings to the Cons., because they’ll love this new proposed policy.

My advice to the Liberal hierarchy is the same as other people much smarter then me – which is to ignore her advice and pull the plug. I love elections in the early summer.


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  • Yes, Liberals have a real problem with woman πŸ˜‰

    Wilson, I apologize for the comment, out of line. You’re still clueless though πŸ™‚

  • wilson

    And the rest of the story from CTV:

    ”Corbeil was arrested Friday and charged with influence peddling, fraud and conspiracy against the party AND the federal government between 1997 and 2000.

    ***Corbeil is one of a handful of top Quebec Liberals who ad executive Jean Brault says browbeat him for cash that was then funnelled to the party in the late 1990s and early 2000s…

    ‘You’re the biggest hypocrite online wilson, do the world a favor and get your tubes tied.’

    What’s with libloggers?
    They are such women haters.

  • Sorry, that was probably harsh, but you are a colossal hypocrite πŸ˜‰

  • Wilson conveniently left out the part where is he is charged with defrauding the Liberal Party.

    And, isn’t it funny, that people like you bring up OLD scandals, that don’t involve anyone, or anyone associated with, the Liberals today, but you can’t acknowledge any of the scandals plaguing your party, involving people at Harper’s side, not to mention the man himself. You’re the biggest hypocrite online wilson, do the world a favor and get your tubes tied.

  • wilson

    Finess this BCL:

    Ex-Liberal organizer charged in sponsorship scandal
    Apr. 18 2008
    Brian Daly,
    RCMP news conference at 11.

    After EC having an RCMP escort with Liberal cameras rolling,
    just try and claim ‘foul’ over an RCMP news conference announcing criminal charges laid against Liberals.
    Make my day.

  • Gee Tom, thanks for sending my Blog Cuss-o-Meter skyrocketing.. I thought you Con types were supposed to be against foul language and such – I thought only lefties were the foul-mouthed types.

    But seriously, Tom.. your Cons. have been in power 2 years now. 2 years. And what have we got for that trouble? We get Cadman-gate, we get the Cons. trying to subvert the elections law with the in-and-out scheme, and haranguing and interfering with independent commissions and panels who dont happen to agree with you.

    You and your Cons government can no longer play the ethics card, Tom. I’ll laugh if they try to do so.

  • Tom Robinson

    Another Liberal charged with fraud today, and you want want an election.

    I say bring it on and i’ll finally have a majority Conservative government, rather than a thieving Liberal Party which stands for fuck -all.

    What is a Liberal?

    I have no fucking clue.

  • Chantel has a point about this not being the best issue to bring the gov. down on, given the feelings in the broader country, although I think you’re right that it could be finessed.

    I would still hope that the Tories realize their own weakness and change the bill/ make it NOT a matter of confidence.

    The Tories latest troubles make me feel a little better, but it only takes one outbreak from the Que. Liberal wing for it all to go kerflooey.

  • DivaRachel

    the LPC w/o the “ethnic vote” is almost an empty shell. Maybe this is what it will take for ppl to stop taking this votes for granted. I hate the idea of a June election, because I’d rather be playing ultimate frisbee, but if that’s when it is, so be it.

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