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A synonym for Conservative..

…apparently is PARANOIA:

Fife actually reports that Conservative party insiders believe there are “Liberal moles” in Elections Canada and that the raid was to obtain the “secret” Conservative election plan.

Okay, will someone please try to convince me that they really aren’t this paranoid or that they really believe this?  Please tell me that  this is some master plan of Harper and the PMO to discredit Elections Canada, but that they REALLY don’t believe this conspiracy stuff.

CalgaryGrit isn’t doing a good job to convince me on that point by the way. If you look at his post from yesterday, the whole world is against the Conservatives, according to them.


6 comments to A synonym for Conservative..

  • Gee pale, a pattern of behaviour at trying to defraud Elections Canada and the Canadian taxpayers out of money in the form of refunds? Form the squeaky “accountability and transperency” party?

    Say it isn’t so!

  • pale

    Of course they know its not true…lol.
    They do know that the Conservative base will buy it however. Is everyone finally figuring out that it’s not about substance, it’s not about the facts.
    It’s about winning and swaying opinions by doubt and suspicion and fear if necessary. They are labelling People that they themselves appointed! as Liberal moles.
    I pointed this out the other day at our place, the cons have already had to admit they were wrong to Elections Canada. Willfully wrong? you decide.
    From 2006.

    In the revised report, the Conservatives have “reclassified revenue related to the 2005 convention,” disclosing an additional $539,915 in previously unreported donations, an extra $913,710 in “other revenue,” and an additional $1.45 million in “other expenses.”

  • wilson

    ”Keep in mind they have already been wrong and lost one civil action initiated by Bob Rae…”

    Yah, but, Rae is a Liberal, so that makes him a hero.
    When the Cons take on EC, they are met with RCMP in flak jackets and Liberals snapping pics.

    Tho, as Adscam proves, there is nothing a Liberal won’t do to win,
    getting an advance copy of the Cons election platform won’t help them much.
    Now if you told me they had a mole in Dipperville…..,
    on second thought, Libs can just dust off Jack’s 2004 platform (Green Mortages) and use it, who’d even notice?

  • As for the CBC, this is what Kady O’Malley said at her site:

    No, I don’t have a clue how CBC found out, but I believe uncovering news, and then reporting it – ideally before your competition – is what is technically known as ‘journalism’.

  • C’mon Cliff.. enough with the Conservative Kool-Aid. This had NOTHING to do with the suit.. it had everything to do with the investigation – they are 2 totally separate things.

    And there was no leak. The Liberals saw it breaking on the news and because it was so close to their office, rushed a tv camera down there to get footage and were there to capture it as it happened. That’s not a leak – that’s called quick thinking; something I haven’t seen a lot of from some Liberals, but in this case, they were on the ball.

  • Cliff

    Well….clearly something doesn’t pass the smell test here…is it merely coincidence that a day before Election Canada officials were to testify under oath about their activities, they initiate this action. What are they afraid of?
    Then, they apparently leak to the CBC and the Liberal party that they will be at Conservative headquarters.
    Clearly, they are concerned about the impending civil actions and are hoping to sway public opinion.
    I honestly believe the actions of these Elections Canada officials may be doing irrepairable harm to this agency and clearly showing a bias in an effort to sway the election process.
    Keep in mind they have already been wrong and lost one civil action initiated by Bob Rae…obviously putting substantial monies into the pockets of the former leadership candidates.

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