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Attention Conservative conspiracy theorists…

To those who for some reason think that yesterday’s Elections Canada/RCMP raid on ConHQ was a dastardly scheme concocted up by Elections Canada and/or the CBC and/or the Liberal Party of Canada and that some or all are intertwined with one another, Kady O’Malley blows your theories away.

She also for good measure takes Harper and the Cons. to task for trying to bring into disrepute our electoral process and its independent agency that oversees it. One thing she doesn’t mention, but which Impolitical pointed out in a Globe and Mail report, is that both Mr Corbett, the Elections Commissioner, and Mr. Maynard, the Chief Electoral Officer, were appointed by the Conservatives.

Apparently, the Conservatives feel their appointees need to act partisan (like they do in George Bush’s administration) and leave them alone. When they don’t and act, you know, independently of the government like they’re supposed to, they get smeared and attacked (Linda Keen redux anyone?)

[email protected]: Kady also took apart Stephen Taylor and Steve Janke’s suspicions of impropriety on Elections Canada part – apparently they are suspicious that EC was using the Mounties as “props” or that EC was abusing its power (which as Kady shows, it is not).

Really, I love a good conspiracy theory, guys, but c’mon, you need better talking points/spin then those two efforts.


5 comments to Attention Conservative conspiracy theorists…

  • tdwebste

    We have a responsibility to hold those who violate free and fair elections accountable.

    Remaining in power those who violated a fair and free election will seek to influence opinion, and may succeed in decriminalize or otherwise avoiding justice due.

    This means ALL PARTIES must vote their non-confidence of the government at the next voting opportunity. This non-confidence of the government must be shown regardless of a party’s desire for the particular vote at hand. Efforts to ensure election freedom and fairness must over rule all other concerns. As Loyal Opposition Parties you hold the responsibility to vote your non-confidence, before those violating a free and fair election is able to intimidate investigators.

    As a professional I took an oath of service. In a similar light I believe every elected member of government took a similar if not greater oath of service. When faced with difficulty I remember my oaths and stand up.

  • sassy

    Has anyone told Harper that “Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t Out to Get You”.?

  • concerned


    The Globe’s use of “appointment” is not entirely true – but the conclusion is actually worse.

    The Chief Electoral Officer is not “appointed” by government, but by Parliament as an independent officer of Parliament (The CEO appoints the Commissioner of Canada Elections, also as an independent officer, but this time of Elections Canada) and cannot be removed from office by government. So here, when the Conservative government disses an independent officer of Parliament they are dissing Parliament itself and putting themselves above the rule of law. If the CEO was a mere government “appointee”, you are right, judging by this government’s modus operandi, they would be nuked faster than Linda Keen was able to answer the midnight phone call. This is the source of their frustration – there’s nada they can do about it to weasle out of it. To Elections Canada and the Commissioner, they are simply a regulated (registered) Party like any other – they don’t view them or care too hoots that they are also in government.

  • Joseph Angolano

    Scott, it’s called basic psychology here. Governments too feel the victim mentality. And when you feel that you are perpetually the victim, you act in a very aggressive way.

    Look at this government. They feel victimized by the media, the civil service, the courts, Ontario, anyone on the left. If you perennially feel like you are an outsider, you begin to behave very aggressively and say stupid things. Like now.

  • Scott,

    Are you stalking Kady or something? 😉

    Love the new layout.

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