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Funny commentary

This made me chuckle.  Christian Conservative tries to defend the “In and Out” scandal in light of the RCMP/Elections Canada raid today. That isn’t the hilarious part, but this final almost afterthought notice at the bottom of the page is:

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post has not been written with any sort of talking points, assistance or prompting from the Conservative Party of Canada… this is all off the top of my head, with my layman’s examination of the Election Act.

So, does that disclaimer mean Christian Con. normally gets assistance from CPOC when he does his blogposts? That certainly appears the case to me . 🙂

Oh, and I do have a screenshot of this for posterity.. to prove it was up there if he does an edit of the post. (H/T to CDLU for tipping me off to the hilarity over there)


4 comments to Funny commentary

  • Considering most of the BTs couldn’t find their own ass without the aid of a map and detailed instructions, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they received daily “talking points” from CPC HQ. Maybe they didn’t arrive yesterday because the folks at headquarters were preoccupied with their “friendly visit” from the RCMP. Hence, Christian Conservative had to wing it on his own.

  • Very well done agent 12, aka Christian Conservative. The cheque for the final installment of your “transformation” is in the mail.

    Remember to move to talking point #14 on page 12 tomorrow.


  • Trying to defend the indefensible. How noble:

    ““I’m not surprised at all,” said Jean Landry, the Conservative Party candidate in the Quebec riding of Richmond-Arthabaska in the last election, whose campaign was audited by Elections Canada. “The truth will come out one day, and justice will follow its course.

    “I swear on the Bible that I never received that money for local expenses. It was for the national [campaign], not for me. The money returned automatically into the Conservative Party account.”

  • Yea, since most of you guys seem to think all we ever do is repeat the talking points, I thought I should be clear that the comments were my own. 😉

    Just so you know, the dry humour WAS intentional. (I really hope you recognized it for what it was)

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