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What the CPC press office really meant to say..

Per Kady O’Malley, we see the CPC Press Office has released a statement explaining today’s.. uh.. activities at Conservative Party HQ.  Here’s what I think they really meant to say with their statement, with me using strikeouts and adding my translations in bold where applicable, cuz I think they’ve missed some stuff. I’ll helpfully add it in for them for free however:

Today Elections Canada visited raided the Conservative Party of Canada Headquarters with the aid of the RCMP. This is related to an on-going court case initiated by the Conservative Party of Canada in the spring of 2007, because if we didn’t challenge Elections Canada’s ruling that we’d overspent during the last election campaign, we’d have been ruled in violation of Canada’s Election Laws and we’d have been penalized. The Conservative Party has involuntarily provided Elections Canada with all the information that they have requested, with the RCMP making sure we turned everything over.

Much more accurate, in my opinion.


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