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More election talk – good and bad

I see Chantal Hebert is back to attacking Dion again (what else is new? I’m not sure she writes about anything else these days), when he supposedly lost his best opportunity to bring down the Conservatives and call an election. I also note without surprise that she still won’t mention Nanos or Decima’s polling that contradicted her “The Liberals and Dion are dead everywhere and particularly in Quebec” meme using the La Presse poll as her evidence that came out prior to those two poll releases – this after she dismissed other polls prior to that where she argued they didn’t match up with “facts on the ground”. Cherry-picking, anyone?

Coincidentally, Steve refers to another Hill Times article with another source claiming that June would be the election date that the Liberals would trigger – again using the immigration reforms bill as the trigger. This would be presumably after weeks of public hearings with immigration groups and advocates blasting the proposed immigration reforms that couldn’t be brought forth separate of its own merits, but hidden within a Budget Implementation Bill.

Some folks seem to think thats thin gruel outside of the ethnic communities to go to an election over, but a) immigration is a Liberal issue and those same communities are traditional strong supporters of the the Liberals (and it destroys the Cons. and Jason Kenney’s attempts at outreach), b) it shows the Liberals are willing to make a stand on a core issue (even if they took a round-about way to showing it) and c) other then 1988 and free trade, elections in Canada are not 1 issue campaigns. Other issues and other promises get introduced into the mix, and there is plenty of baggage that the Conservatives have carried the past couple of years that can easily be brought up.

If this is the Liberal strategy, go for it, I say – just try to plug the leaks in your house. Too many “anonymous sources” leaking strategy for everyone else to see isn’t healthy.


6 comments to More election talk – good and bad

  • I’ve always admired Hebert’s knowledge and objectivity.
    I think she sees the Flaherty Ontario gambit as hurting Harper in Ontario, thus explaining much of the recent positive poll results for Libs in the province.

    But she’s dead on in wondering how Dion managed the unexplainable and the unfathomable, throwing away the environment issue, and watching John Baird of all people pick it up.

  • Ted

    Chantel see’s things through Quebec. Dion is struggling in Quebec, especially outside Montreal.

  • Jeremy

    Chantal is losing all credibility and is pretty much in the same pot as Jean LaPierre at this point.

  • I think it’s funny that she says he lost his chance to force an election at a time when the BQ was unwilling to force an election. He didn’t lose anything!

  • I have also heard via sources of a June election in the works, I assume over immigration. Also that on a day to day basis most MPs have no idea what business will be dealt with as the Cons are keeping everyone in the dark.

  • Scott:

    Chantal has exhausted all her current criticisms, so now she is going back into the past to find fault. In a couple months, she will be saying Dion blew it by not going to an election two weeks after the convention, because his approval rating was the highest, Liberals ahead in the polls.

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