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Clinton and McCain charge Obama with elitism…

…but the media, or some of it anyhow, isn’t buying that line of attack.

For reference, both Clinton and McCain (with remarkably similar talking points on this) are referring to this quote that Obama made about the frustrations in middle class America today. Here’s what the CNN political panel had to say:

When you’re getting reactions like that, I doubt this line of attack will hurt Obama all that much.

[email protected]:47pm: Thanks to this diarist at Daily Kos for pointing out all the different editorials in the local PA newspapers today that dismiss “bitter-Gate”


8 comments to Clinton and McCain charge Obama with elitism…

  • To be fair, the Gallup national tracking has shown no impact:

    “That 10-point lead matches Obama’s best of the campaign, and even as the controversy has dominated the political airwaves, Obama’s support remained strong in tracking interviews conducted on Saturday and Sunday. It is likely Clinton and Republican John McCain will continue to remind voters of the remarks, and the possibility remains that it could affect voters in the coming days, but so far they seem unaffected by the controversy.”

    On ARG, I’m not a big fan, but I thought it noteworthy that one polling company showed such a big change so quickly. Interesting to see what others pickup.

  • ARG has also been one of the least reliable polling outfits this primary polling season, if I’ve read correctly at TPM.

  • Scott, not hard to find a horserace in the most competitive primary season in American history 😉 Let’s keep it real.

    BTW, here is the first post-“bitter” poll for Penn:

    Interestingly, this outfit had the race tied last week, now a poll taken from Friday to Sunday shows Clinton UP 20%. Only one, but a striking change for sure.

  • Hi Scott. That was an amazing video clip from Wolf Blitzer’s world on CNN. All three panelists agreeing!

  • KC

    Clinton is getting truly pathetic. SHE is playing this story up and giving it legs more than anyone else. I read that her supporters are actually giving out “Im not bitter” bumper stickers.

    Freakin ridiculous. What Obama said may have been inarticulate; but Clinton’s low ball approach to intra-party politics is truly shameful.

  • Check out the update Steve: not too many newspapers in PA think this is much of a story at all

  • Well, you’re always looking for a horse-race, Steve 😉

    Remember this happened on a Friday, the traditional black hole of people not paying much attention to the media; that’s also a factor.

  • Scott, I’m not so sure. This story is dominating most of the newscasts, and it’s negative by definition. From what I’ve read, this isn’t playing well at all in Pennsylvania. Obama was clearly narrowing the gap, to the point where a victory wasn’t out of the realm, a close result almost as good, in terms of finishing off Clinton. This story at the very least blunts any momentum, and with a debate this week, it is sure to be a central talking point. We’ll see, but the timing of this couldn’t be worse, given what was mounting pressure on Clinton.

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