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What’s worse?

Leaks of supposedly closed-door meetings in the Liberal caucus, or open dissent of a strategy?

Steve takes Mr. Telgedi to task for his participation in the 2nd part of the equation, though I can understand the MP’s frustration at things.  I’m sure there are more then a few MP’s in caucus that think “Liberal strategists” is starting to become an oxymoron.

Let’s just hope that the frustration bubbling up isn’t due to them deciding to take a pass on this issue too – rather then what Steve was blogging and commenting on the other day about rumours (another one of those internal leaks to the media) that the Liberals want to go on the immigration issue in June – ostensibly after public hearings with immigration groups and supporters coming forth to decry this act. Steve and I are election hawks, to put it mildly, but I think both he and I can at least see the logic in letting this go forth to committee and air it out to the public to build a case… so presuming that’s what the Liberal braintrust is thinking, that’s why both he and I are willing to take a wait-and-see attitude before we unload the artillery at them again.

PS – if that IS the strategy, I wish the OLO had given a briefing on that to the MP’s like Telgedi so as to avoid this public flaring-up that does the Liberal(s) no publicity favours.


5 comments to What’s worse?

  • Matt Arnold

    Telegdi is well-known for his take on citizenship matters, so for him to speak out just shows his take on citizenship, and nothing else. Honestly, if anyone pays attention to his rantings, then we have bigger troubles.

  • None of the “At Issue” folks (last night) thought the Liberals would force an election this spring. Don Martin has even booked a vacation out of the country. I hope they are wrong, for the sake of the country, but I don’t think they are.

  • It’s not really what he is saying, it’s the horrible timing, which is counter-productive. You make that argument in private, and then if you have no recourse, prior to the final vote, then you come out and speak your conscience. Everybody knows the strategy, take it too committee and see where it goes, Telegedi is acting like the vote is tonight. No reason to jump off the cliff before we’ve climbed to the precipice. Shut up, until we are prepared to take a pass.

  • Mr. Telegidi is in a riding not far from mine. He is well liked and a gentle fellow I just say let him be and let him have his say., what he truly believes in.

  • Ontario Voter

    I cannot blame MP Telegdi. What else can he do? Watch his party strategists kill his political career along with theirs? I commend him for standing up for what he believes, and I am disappointed that no one else has done the same.

    And, yes, I will remember this come election day.

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