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Job outsourcing, Harper style.

Did you know that Stephen Harper and his government believe in the principle of outsourcing jobs? At least, he believes in it when it’s to do with investigating the NAFTA-gate leaks that hurt Barack Obama’s campaign:

Harper said last month that Kevin Lynch, the government’s top civil servant, would mount an inquiry into the so-called NAFTA-gate disclosures that led to charges that Canada had interfered in the United States’ democratic process… But it has emerged that the Prime Minister allowed Lynch to pass the investigation on to a private Ottawa company, BMCI Investigations and Security Ltd. This unusual move, which was raised in the Commons by Liberal MP Navdeep Bains (Mississauga-Brampton South), was never announced by the government. And Myriam Massabki, spokesperson for Lynch’s Privy Council Office, refused to discuss it.

It’s very nice of Harper and Co. to pay someone on the public dime to do the investigation of this leak.  It’s about the only support offered to Ontario businesses by this government during the time it’s been in power.


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