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Obama starting to pull away nationally.

A rather slow morning for news on the Canadian front, so I was taking a look at the polling for the Democratic race for the presidential candidate this AM.  As of yesterday, it appears safe to say that Obama has gotten over his “Wright difficulty” with voters.

Gallup daily tracking poll. 4/4-6. Likely voters. MoE 4% (4/2-5 results)

Obama 52 (49)
Clinton 43 (46)

Rasmussen daily tracking poll. 4/3-6. Likely voters. MoE 3% (4/3-5 results)

Obama 51 (50)
Clinton 41 (42)

As for state polls, Clinton leads substantially in Kentucky and has a lead outside of the MOE in Indiana in a majority of the polls taken there so far.  Obama has a sizable lead in North Carolina and Oregon. The big state though of the most importance to both campaigns is Pennsylvania. Polls are all over the place there, but the trend is that Obama has steadily closed the lead or may be leading.

Everyone knows my opinion on this race, but if Hillary loses Pennsylvania, or even wins it by a couple of points and gets no more then a net handul of delegates out of it,  do Hillary supporters or even neutral observers really think she should stay in the race (with little chance of making up any ground and probably losing ground on the pledged voting delgates in the remaining states yet to vote) and hope she can convince 2/3 of the uncomitted superdelegates to put her over the top?


5 comments to Obama starting to pull away nationally.

  • me

    Sorry “me”, but I don’t accept comments left by people who plop in a fake email address – Scott

  • Obama’s probably got it locked up. Wright was the acid test, and if he survived something like that, there’s not much else that could derail him.

    That said, I don’t buy Dowd’s argument. Yes, it’s making the Dems more visible. It’s also ripping the activist base asunder. It’s going to be very, very difficult for the Obama and Hillary supporters to reconcile.

  • mushroom

    “do Hillary supporters or even neutral observers really think she should stay in the race”

    I would, just to see her reaction once Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, John Edwards, and Howard Dean endorse Obama.

  • Well, I’m sure that Clinton is in this to win, but check out this column in the NY Times which suggests that Clinton’s dogged fight is helping, rather than hurting, Obama in the long term.

    If Pennsylvania is a wash, I can see Clinton keeping at it to North Carolina, but no further. Though there’s still every possibility that she could stick it out to Puerto Rico. Which would actually be cool. About time those folks got to have a real say in American politics.

  • KC

    Im actually surprised at how small Obama’s lead is in Oregon. I expected more.

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