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Canada gets its 1000 soldier reinforcements.

I’m sure everyone is not too surprised that Canada was able to get a commitment from NATO (or more specifically, France sending troops to the east, meaning US soldiers there could rotate to the south) for those 1000 extra soldiers in the Kandahar region . The question will be whether 1000 extra soldiers will be enough.  I’ve seen reports where military experts say it would take several thousand troops shifted there as a minimum to make a difference.   The other question will be if it turns Canadians toward supporting the extension to 2011. Early poll indications show a majority are not convinced the Liberal/Conservative compromise on the Afghanistan extension was a good thing.


2 comments to Canada gets its 1000 soldier reinforcements.

  • It’s something to talk about Aaron. If you don’t like the articles where I talk about them, you can read something else or go somewhere else. Nothing stops you from not reading here.

    And for the record, I did support this compromise publicly here. I said I could live with it.




  • ALW

    Oh no, “early polls” show that “a majority of Canadians” aren’t convinced. Whatever shall we do, Scott?
    What will you say if “later polls” show a majority of Canadians are? Will you then believe it’s extending the mission is the right thing to do?
    I really cannot understand your fascination with opinion polls.

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