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Back to normalcy, or as close as we can get.

Well, that was fun. Nice to see the positive reaction to my April Fools Day Joke (thanks to Red Tory for needlessly dedicating a post to it) , which I’ve taken a screenshot of for those who missed it. I’ll keep the 2 posts I made for archival humour.

IF you’re wondering, our little thing showing up at Prog Blog that has Harper as our overlord was indeed also a gag that Saskboy (my webmaster over there) and I cooked up – not a hack by some Cons spammers, as some wondered to me in email (even one of my own moderators) and publicly at their own blogsites. Everyone needs some frivolity now and then :). The site should be back to normal over there too, shortly.

Best April Fool’s Day post that I’ve seen today? I’d have to go with what James Bowie said at his site and also give that honour to Matt Guerin for his promo of Chantal Hebert’s “newest book release”. Scary/funny thing is it’s probably not that far from the truth of what she’d actually write about.


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