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Scott’s favourite sweets

As a followup to my last post, here are some of my favourite “sweets” as the Brits say, or confectionery:


2 comments to Scott’s favourite sweets

  • Matt:  These 2 posts are basically OT 🙂

    I did a search for that “A” error and discovered that some feed readers have problems with the RSS feed on the WordPress server.  One suggestion was to plug in the Atom feed that can also be used.  Our feed reader didnt like that, so I then went to Feedburner and stuck the atom feed in there and had Feedburner try to send it to Prog; That worked.

    So I did it for the rest of the blogs who also have had this annoying problem, and it’s fixed it. It’s a workaround, but it will do.

  • OT: Thanks for doing whatever you did to fix my feed @ PB.  I still say the ‘A’ was for ‘awesome’.


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